The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, February 09, 2007

News for 02-08-07

02-08-07 - Tehran warns US against attacks ** Iran will strike against US interests worldwide if it is attacked, the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned.

02-08-07 - Pentagon did "inappropriate" Iraq work, sources say The Pentagon inspector general's report concluded the Office of Special Plans in Feith's department had done nothing illegal or unauthorized but that some of its activities were "inappropriate," two U.S. defense officials told Reuters.

02-08-07 - Army made video warning about dangers of depleted uranium but never showed it to troops

02-08-07 - Iran, Russia urge negotiations in nuclear standoff Putin spoke last week in support of the IAEA chief's plan to create a timeout in the nuclear row.

02-08-07 - Four held over Iranian diplomat kidnapping Four Iraqi military officers have been detained over the kidnapping of an Iranian diplomat in Baghdad, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says.

02-08-07 - Court Hears Libby Describe Cheney as 'Upset' at Critic

02-08-07 - MoD feels Pentagon wrath at video leak

02-08-07 - U.S. urges additional U.N. action against Iran

02-08-07 - US forms Iraq refugees task force after criticism

02-08-07 - Rice authorizes talks with Syria on Iraqi refugee crisis US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice revealed that she had authorized diplomatic talks with Syria about the Iraqi refugee crisis, despite a continuing freeze on high-level contacts with Damascus.

02-08-07 - Syria blames US for 'humanitarian catastrophe' in Iraq

02-08-07 - Alliance split over Iran nuclear defiance Europeans are accusing Americans of strong-arming them into cracking down on Iran in the latest trans-Atlantic conflict, a dispute that is straining efforts to maintain a joint front on Tehran over its refusal to freeze uranium enrichment.

02-08-07 - Iran says 100 spies working for US, Israel identified "One hundred people who were directly working for the US and Israeli intelligence ... who were intending to collect political and military information were identified and are now in our intelligence net,"

02-08-07 - Hezbollah slams Israel for construction work near Jerusalem mosque

02-08-07 - Libby lawyers to put Abramson on stand Defense attorneys for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby on Thursday won the opportunity to question a journalist they hope will undercut the prosecution's perjury case against the former White House aide.

02-08-07 - Syria: Won't force Iraqis to return Syria will not force any Iraqi refugees to return to their homeland despite the exchange of harsh words between the two countries, the U.N. refugee chief said Thursday.

02-08-07 - Bush to meet with former Lebanese president Gemayel Bush's meeting with Gemayel comes two days after the Lebanese government and the United Nations signed an agreement to set up an international court to try the suspected killers of another Lebanese leader, former premier Rafiq Hariri.

02-08-07 - There were no WMDs in Iraq, admits Spain's Aznar

02-08-07 - Double Standard - Why the disparate reactions to two cases of radioactive poisoning?

02-08-07 - Bremer quizzed over cash for Iraq "Who in their right mind would send 360 tons of cash into a war zone? But that is exactly what our government did," Henry Waxman, the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said during Tuesday's hearing.

02-08-07 - UN boosts border presence after Israeli-Lebanese clash

02-08-07 - How Neocon Shi'ite Strategy Led to Sectarian War The U.S. policy decisions that led to the sectarian war can be traced back to the conviction of a group of right-wing zealots with close ties to Israel's Likud Party that overthrowing the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq would not destabilize the region, because Iraqi Shi'ites would be allies of the United States and Israel against Iran.

02-08-07 - Israeli, Lebanese troops clash at border Contrary to earlier reports, UNIFIL's assessment team, and the Lebanese Army, said the devices were just north of the Blue Line so Israeli fire had to cross the Blue Line in order to detonate the devices, which constitutes an Israeli violation of the cease-fire that ended the war.

02-08-07 - Friedman?s kids expelled from Jewish school A Jewish school in Vienna expelled the children of a fervently Orthodox Jew who attended a Holocaust denial conference in Iran.

02-08-07 - Lantos proposes nuclear fuel bank Lantos, who is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor, is close to Israel and the pro-Israel community in Washington.

02-08-07 - Ackerman backs Iran outreach A senior Jewish U.S. congressman slammed the Bush administration for refusing to engage with Iran.

02-08-07 - U.S. fire chiefs to Israel AIPAC?s American Israel Education Foundation partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs for the trip.

02-08-07 - Poll shows Arabs dislike Bush A new poll on Thursday underscored deep Arab unhappiness with the United States but said the negative image could be repaired if Washington brokered a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace agreement.

02-08-07 - Israel still top recipient of US foreign aid

02-08-07 - Israel intensifies flights over Lebanon border Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora also ordered his army to respond to any new violation of Lebanese sovereignty. "Siniora was in contact with the army command... and gave clear orders for the confrontation of any Israeli violation of Lebanese sovereignty," the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

02-08-07 - Hezbollah demands back seized munitions Hezbollah demanded the return of a truck carrying munitions seized by Lebanese authorities on Thursday and said the supplies were heading to its fighters in south Lebanon.

02-08-07 - U.N. tanks at Lebanon-Israel border Lebanese President Emile Lahoud lauded the army's action in opening fire at the Israelis, while Prime Minister Fuad Saniora told U.N. envoy Geir Pedersen the bulldozer's incursion compounded the daily violations of Lebanese sovereignty by Israeli aircraft flying over the country.

02-08-07 - Gonzales visits AMIA Luis Grynwald, president of the community?s DAIA political umbrella group, called the discussions with Gonzales ?very productive and promising,? but added that he had failed to offer DAIA and other Jewish organizations firm support for Argentina?s Interpol extradition request of nine Iranian officials wanted for questioning in the bombing.

02-08-07 - Complete hogwash The scary thing about a pre-emptive strike policy is that it can go both ways. Following our example, another nation could presumably feel justified in attacking the U.S. to keep their populations safe from our own mad leader.


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