The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 04, 2007

News for 02-03-07

02-03-07 - US ex-generals reject Iran strike ** Three former high-ranking American military officers have warned against any military attack on Iran.

02-03-07 - House of Healing In a show of support for the troops, thousands of Americans pitch in to fund a dazzling new rehabilitation center for severely injured servicemen and women.

02-03-07 - Bush to request hefty Iraq war funds President George W. Bush will request slightly more than $100 billion to cover war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of this year and an even larger amount for fiscal 2008 that begins on October 1, congressional sources said on Thursday.

02-03-07 - Senator asks VA to explain Marine suicide An Iraq war veteran committed suicide after his family said he was turned away from two VA hospitals, and now a U.S. senator has asked for a probe into the hospitals? actions.

02-03-07 - Arab diplomats visit Iranian facilities

02-03-07 - No 'cherry picking' of intelligence: incoming US spy chief

02-03-07 - John Pilger: Iran: The War Begins ** Unlike Israel, the world's fifth military power - with its thermo nuclear weapons aimed at Middle East targets and an unmatched record of defying UN resolutions, as the enforcer of the world's longest illegal occupation - Iran has a history of obeying international law and occupies no territory other than its own.

02-03-07 - U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife ** Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates seemed to concede Friday that U.S. officials can't say for sure whether the Iranian government is involved in assisting the attacks on U.S. personnel in Iraq.

02-03-07 - Saudis hold 10 for 'terror funds' The arrests follow evidence in a high-level US report that Saudi Arabia has been a source of funding for the insurgency in Iraq.

02-03-07 - AEI think tank sought critique of climate report The American Enterprise Institute, which has received $1.6 million from ExxonMobil, offered scientists up to $10,000 for a "policy critique" of the U.N. global warming report released on Friday..... AEI has had close ties to the Bush administration. Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, has an office there,

02-03-07 - Bush Targets Iran ** Congress should immediately pass a binding resolution reaffirming the United States' legal obligations and informing the Bush administration that it will not concur in any invasion or military action against Iran, would refuse to approve any funding for it, and would consider actions taken in contravention of the resolution as impeachable offenses.

02-03-07 - Hamas, Fatah scoff at reports of Iranian military experts in Gaza A top Hamas official in Gaza City challenged the PA to show pictures of the Iranians. "The next thing they will say is that they discovered a secret Iranian nuclear plant inside the university," he said sarcastically. One thing they agree on at this point.

02-03-07 - Bush's Trash Talk About Iran ** Within the Bush administration, there is a sharp division ? once again, in part, pitting the State Department against the National Security Council and the office of the Vice President ? over how far to raise tensions with Iran. In that context, the neocons can only be crossing their fingers in the hope that Iran will respond provocatively, making what is now a low-grade cold war inexorably heat up.

02-03-07 - Lawmakers Move to Restrain Bush on Iran ** Several influential senators have also posed pointed questions to the administration about whether it believes it has the constitutional authority to carry out military action against Iran without Congress's approval.

02-03-07 - U.S. supporting Egyptian peaceful nuclear efforts The United States is supporting Egypt's efforts to develop peaceful nuclear program, a senior U.S. official said here on Saturday.

02-03-07 - No Iranians arrested in Gaza, Tehran official says

02-03-07 - Sailors at Lemoore air base ship out on short notice to USS Reagan carrier.** The Reagan's rapid deployment is part of the Fleet Response Plan, which the Navy says will provide the military with the ability to respond to any global commitment on short notice.

02-03-07 - Libby Trial: Lawyers Clash Over Motive

02-03-07 - The Maverick - It's Hagel It will take a real grassroots movement to give him the momentum he needs to mount a serious effort. I'm game.

02-03-07 - China's Anti-Satellite Test: Worrisome Debris Cloud Circles Earth

02-03-07 - Iran plays big role in Lebanon, evoking both gratitude and complaints "The Zionist enemy destroys and Iran's Islamic Republic builds," reads a banner near bombed out buildings in a Shiite suburb of the capital Beirut. Similar banners are seen in southern Shiite villages devastated in the war.

02-03-07 - Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran ** While Jewish communal leaders focus most of their current lobbying efforts on pressing the United States to take a tough line against Iran and its nuclear program, some are privately voicing fears that they will be accused of driving America into a war with the regime in Tehran That's exactly what they're doing. Hello? Note to self: don't engage in an activity that I don't want to be accused of later on. Rocket science. (The authors go on to exonerate pro-Israeli groups of their role in the runup to the Iraq war - total baloney). True patriots and lovers of America, speak up now (against the forthcoming war on Iran), or forever hold your peace : "Jewish organizational officials and pro-Israel lobbyists on Capitol Hill downplayed the possibility that Congress might play a significant role in limiting the administration's response to Iranian nuclear ambitions. "It is very premature," one lobbyist said. "The administration has no war plan and Congress has no plan to block such a war." 'they always get what they want'

02-03-07 - The Israel Factor: Ranking the Political Candidates They rank Hagel last. Hagel it is!

02-03-07 - St. Charles man was buying weapons for 'war,' FBI says

02-03-07 - Six Lies You Shouldn't Believe About Iran, Especially Since, Hey, There's People Down Here.

02-03-07 - Lebanon's Sunni clerics issue fatwa Fearing a slide into civil war, Lebanon's top Sunni Muslim clerics published a religious edict on Friday prohibiting Muslims from killing their fellow countrymen, particularly other Muslims.


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