The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

News for 02-05-07

02-05-07 - Republicans block Iraq war debate A resolution opposing President George W Bush's decision to send extra troops to Iraq has failed to advance in the US Senate, dealing a blow to war critics.

02-05-07 - Iran to test new uranium enrichment plant soon: diplomats "It is a matter of hours, or of days, before the Iranians test the centrifuges on a vacuum, prior to putting in the UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) gas used to make enriched uranium," said the diplomat on condition of anonymity.

02-05-07 - US eases tone on Iran's role in Iraq ** "Cat fights" are common, Mr. White says, between "policy people" who want to get the information out, and the intelligence side that is more focused on long-term effectiveness. "I suspect there was quite a lot of friction last week over Iran," he says.

02-05-07 - Analysis: Bush's Iran stance echoes Iraq

02-05-07 - Iran 'sets up atomic centrifuges'

02-05-07 - Soldiers in Iraq view troop surge as a lost cause

02-05-07 - Syria 'can broker peace in Iraq' In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America, the president said: "Our role is going to be through supporting the different parties inside Iraq with support of the other parties like America, and any other country in the world - that's how we can stop the violence."

02-05-07 - Iraqi Shiite Calls for U.S.-Iran Talks

02-05-07 - Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia now talking Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani made a visit to Saudi Arabia in mid-January that Arab media reports said sought Saudi help in easing tensions between his country and the United States and other Western nations over Tehran's nuclear program.

02-05-07 - Musharraf in Iran for Mideast talks

02-05-07 - Eitam: Four years for Iran diplomacy** Eitam was in Washington meeting privately with lawmakers and think-tank officials to outline Israeli military reforms in the wake of last summer?s war with Hezbollah.

02-05-07 - UN opens Syria no-man's land school for Iraq Palestinians The United Nations has opened a tented school for some 90 Palestinian refugee children in the no-man's land between Iraq and Syria.

02-05-07 - Neocons to Iraq: Screw You The neocons hate Arabs, all of them, Shia and Sunni alike (and the Persians, too). As long as these folks are killing each other, they can't attack the United States ? or Israel.

02-05-07 - Fitzgerald targets Cheney in Libby tapes The first 90 minutes of audiotapes, recorded during the 2003 grand jury testimony of top Cheney aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, were played for jurors in Libby's perjury and obstruction trial. More than six hours of additional tapes were to be played Tuesday.

02-05-07 - U.N.: Lebanon should OK Hariri tribunal Lebanon's current prime minister, Fuad Saniora, sent a signed copy of the agreement to the United Nations last week, U.N. deputy spokeswoman Marie Okabe said. The agreement must now be signed by the United Nations and returned to Lebanon for ratification.

02-05-07 - Libby Prosecutors Hope to Show Marked News Articles

02-05-07 - Czechs stress Israel support The representatives also agreed to help raise the profile on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's repeated calls for the destruction of Israel, which may violate the U.N. convention against genocide, Hoenlein said. From a different article: "America's proposed missile defence sites in Poland and the Czech Republic are designed to counter the potential missile threat from Iran and will not affect Russian security, a senior US defence official said." The lobby is in Czech to gather support for action on Iran.

02-05-07 - No Mideast peace with current US, Israel policies, says Iran Both sides had discussed the 7 billion-dollar-pipeline project with Pakistan and India, which is making slow progress, owing to hostilities between the two countries and US opposition

02-05-07 - These moderates are in fact fanatics, torturers and killers

02-05-07 - What's the big idea? Francis Fukuyama jumped clear of the wreckage as neocon certainties crashed in Iraq. But his change of heart made him enemies in Washington, he tells Oliver Burkeman

02-05-07 - Israelis 'find bombs on border' The Israeli military says it has found four explosive devices near the border with Lebanon which it suspects were planted by Hezbollah militants.

02-05-07 - Anti-Semitism monitor gets top radio post A scholar known for his work monitoring anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli activity in Europe was named president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Jeffrey Gedmin starts in March, according to a statement released last Friday by the congressionally funded pro-American radio network.....Its previous president was Tom Dine, formerly an executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
In other words, 'Radio Free Europe' funded by the US Congress, is pro-Israel propaganda.


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