The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, December 24, 2006

News for 12-23-06

12-23-06 - Christmas Duty As difficult as that second deployment was, Bourland, who is now home with his family in Virginia, says he'd go back in a heartbeat if needed. He calls his platoon his "second family" and is dedicated to the idea that the United States is bringing democracy to Iraq.

12-23-06 - U.N. imposes nuclear trade sanctions on Iran Tehran's U.N. Ambassador, Javard Zarif, accused the Security Council and the United States of a double standard by punishing Iran while ignoring Israel's nuclear arsenal.

12-23-06 - US wants more sanctions on Iran The United States wants the international community to take more action against Iran, and impose more sanctions than those adopted Saturday by the UN Security Council, the State Department's number three diplomat has said.

12-23-06 - Veterans Affairs secretary indicates support for military draft President Bush's secretary for Veterans Affairs said Thursday that "society would benefit" if this country were to bring back the military draft, and said it shouldn't have loopholes for anyone who is called to serve.

12-23-06 - Report: English Channel Tunnel a Terror Target The tunnel beneath the English Channel that connects Britain to France is a Christmas terror target of Islamic terrorists, according to a report published Sunday.

12-23-06 - Ballistic Missile Defense: U.S. on collision course with Russia the U.S.-Russian nuclear arms race is in higher gear on both sides than at any time in the past quarter-century

12-23-06 - Are Bush and Cheney Planning an Early Attack on Iran? **

12-23-06 - Gates pledges 'enduring' US presence in Gulf An increased U.S. naval presence in the Gulf is not a response to any action by Iran but a message to all countries that the United States will keep its regional footprint "for a long time", U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

12-23-06 - Target Iran: Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter and Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh on White House Plans for Regime Change ** So if you read the Azeri press, for instance, you?ll find out that the Israeli Mossad has upped its efforts to build a station in Azerbaijan. And the Azeri press will delve into that more. Why does the Mossad want to build a station operating? There?s a couple reasons. One, the Mossad is working with the Azeri population. You know, there is a Jewish minority in Azerbaijan that has emigrated to Israel. And so, there?s a number of Azeri Israelis that the Israeli government now is bringing back to Azerbaijan to work on this issue.... we're not allowed to do is discuss the notion that Israel and the notion of Israeli interests may in fact be dictating what America is doing, that what we're doing in the Middle East may not be to the benefit of America's national security, but to Israel's national security. But, see, we don?t want to talk about that, because one of the great success stories out there is the pro-Israeli lobby that has successfully enabled themselves to blend the two together, so that when we speak of Israeli interests, they say, "No, we're speaking of American interests."....The bottom line is, within two days of our decision to initiate an attack on Iran, every single one of you is going to be feeling the consequences of that in your pocketbook. And it?s only going to get worse. This is not something that only I recognize. Ask Dick Lugar what information he?s getting from big business, who are saying, ?We can?t afford to go to war with Iran.? SEYMOUR HERSH: Final question: given all this, are we going to do it? SCOTT RITTER: Yes, we're going to do it.

Read the entire thing.

12-23-06 - Attorney admonished for statements on Libby Earlier this year Walton warned both Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and attorneys for Libby from making what he described as "extrajudicial statements" about the case.

12-23-06 - The war on terror and rule of law collide

12-23-06 - Media Takes on AT&T in Spy Case The documents at issue detail a secret switching room in AT&T's San Francisco hub equipped with internet surveillance gear.

12-23-06 - U.N. adopts treaty banning countries from secretly abducting perceived enemies The General Assembly adopted a treaty Wednesday that would ban nations from abducting perceived enemies and hiding them in secret prisons or killing them.

12-23-06 - Report: Direct flight from Tel Aviv to Beirut Hizbullah television station Al-Manar claimed Wednesday that the organization is in possession of documents proving that a Portuguese military plane carrying 11 unidentified passengers flew directly from Israel?s Ben-Gurion Airport to Beirut.

12-23-06 - Surprise Gaza talks raise hope for peace By coincidence, it happened on a day when the UN voted to sanction Iran.

12-23-06 - Blair was dangerously off target in his condemnation of Iran

12-23-06 - Syria's isolation over: deputy PM

12-23-06 - Britain slaps down Anglican leader for Middle East outburst The British government rebuked the leader of the world's Anglicans for saying Christians in the Middle East are being put at risk by a "short-sighted" and "ignorant" policy on Iraq.

12-23-06 - Syria building 'death trap' villages While for years it was assumed that Israel had a major edge against Syria's military with regard to a conventional war - tank versus tank, jet versus jet - in an urban setting, the Syrian military would be able, the officer said, to wreak havoc against IDF infantry and armored units like Hizbullah did.

12-23-06 - Lebanon seizes explosives from pro-Syrian group

12-23-06 - Four reasons for ranting ** The ideal scenario, from Israel's point of view, would be an American military attack that would destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and remove the threat. "We have to get the United States to carry out what it promised to do, and to create the proper international climate," explains a senior official. It is not clear what President Bush told Olmert in private talks that had him leaving Bush's office feeling so satisfied. We can only presume that Olmert is depending on Bush's religious faith and obstinacy, which will lead him to attack Iran, even in light of American public opposition to military adventures in the Middle East.

12-23-06 - Mainstream journalist defends western bias "There was a statement issued today by Hezbollah that they would support a UN Tribunal if it is "fair, just and nonpolitical", so what about the Israeli Mossad spy ring that was uncovered in Lebanon that outside investigators claim is linked to the Hariri killing? What is the UN doing in this regard to investigate?" Mossad in Lebanon caught before this year, same story, also in 1998.

12-23-06 - Jimmy Carter, on Mission Carter is taking on the orthodoxies in his own culture, with the same sense of all or nothing. The venom he is encountering on the Jewish right is staggering.....we're getting closer and closer to the Elian Gonzales moment, the moment when the American people wake up and realize that a fanatical lobby is not representing America's best interest.

12-23-06 - Jewish leaders: Bush finds Iran election results encouraging Bush gathered Jewish education leaders and students at the White House to discuss the role of religion in schools. The closed-door discussions also touched on other issues including the war in Iraq, spreading democracy and the crisis in Darfur.


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