The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, December 16, 2006

News for 12-15-06

12-15-06 - Iran could hide sensitive nuclear work if attacked: senior official ** Experts have warned that attacking Iran's known atomic facilities might only drive the Iranian program underground and Soltanieh's comments were among the first from Iranian officials that they would do exactly that.

12-15-06 - Iran worried by Saudi's pro-Sunni 'Iraq plans' Shiite Iran expressed concern about suggestions that Saudi Arabia might intervene on the side of Iraq's Sunnis if the United States swiftly pulls out of Iraq.

12-15-06 - John Major leads calls for inquiry into conflict Sir John Major led calls for an independent inquiry into Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq after the revelations by a former British senior diplomat that contradict the Prime Minister's case for the conflict. It's about time we had one here as well.

12-15-06 - Iraq aid agency 'attacked' by US

12-15-06 - Rice hints Baker report to be snubbed At the end of the day, Rice answers to the Lobby, not you. The will of the American people (as demonstrated in several recent polls) matters not.

12-15-06 - Specter of Iraqi proxy war spooks Washington The specter of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the bones of an shattered Iraq is being conjured up by veiled warnings the kingdom may bankroll Sunni fighters if US troops go home.

12-15-06 - Saudi ex-ambassador urged no US talks with Iran

12-15-06 - Police quiz security officer who met victim A businessman who met Alexander Litvinenko at the London hotel where he is believed to have been poisoned was interviewed for the first time yesterday by Russian and British detectives

12-15-06 - Kerry: U.S. should talk with Iran, Syria Sen. John Kerry, on a Mideast tour taking him to Damascus for talks with President Bashar Assad, said Friday that the Bush administration's rejection of dialogue with Syria and Iran to try to calm Iraq is a mistake.

12-15-06 - Witnesses in Libby trial all expected to testify The annotated version of the article shows handwritten notes at the top, and underscores within the article by Cheney, that Fitzgerald says reveal the harsh reaction the vice president had to Wilson's assertions about U.S. intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Go get 'em, Bulldog.

12-15-06 - Impeachment: 'It's Not Up to Pelosi,' Say Grassroots Leaders Many constitutional experts believe that there is a strong case for the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney because both allegedly put themselves above the rule of law by failing to substantiate the justifications for war on Iraq.

12-15-06 - EU accuses Iran, Syria of destablizing Middle East

12-15-06 - US general says Iraq could 'break' army The US Army's highest-ranking uniformed officer has warned that without more men and money, his active-duty force "will break" under the strains of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

12-15-06 - More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006: mayors "The face of hunger and homelessness right now ... is young children, young families," While taxpayers are pickpocketed by special interest groups (such as the Israeli lobby), America gets poorer.

12-15-06 - Expert: Data-mining won't catch the terrorists, will hurt privacy

12-15-06 - Netanyahu wants Iran president tried for genocide at The Hague ** Netanyahu says Israel must get the Americans to take action, not just with words but through an act of Congress. Really now. That shouldn't take much given that about 99% of our Congress is beholden to AIPAC.

12-15-06 - Former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr Ditches GOP for Libertarian Party I've been thinking of doing the same.

12-15-06 - No Middle East peace without Syria, Iran: Assad Assad told Rome's la Repubblica newspaper Damascus was ready to cooperate with Washington to resolve regional issues and challenged Israel to open up to Syria. He also said Europe had a "complex" over the Jewish Holocaust.

12-15-06 - UNHCR asks world to help Palestinians flee Iraq

12-15-06 - New polls highlight issues of US policy in Mideast, hopes for renewing regional peace process Asked if they agree that Palestinians are entitled to equal rights, 79.1 percent said "yes," while 12.8 percent disagreed.....Perhaps more surprising, the poll shows that a small plurality of those surveyed (38.8 percent to 37.1 percent) said that US support for Israel weakens US security. There was also a strong division based on the race of those surveyed. Say I wonder, who are the 12.8 percent?....

12-15-06 - Analysis: Poll increases pressure on Olmert Under Rumsfeld, Israeli military officials had the run of the Pentagon and enjoyed unprecedented access to Rumsfeld and his top officials. They could count on the enormous clout of the DoD, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Rumsfeld himself to block any diplomatic initiatives by the Bush administration that the Israeli government did not like. But once Gates is running OSD, he appears far more likely to make common cause with Rice to pressure the Israelis to make new concessions on reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.....the findings of the UPI-Zogby poll will clearly strengthen the hand of the Baker-Rice-Gates forces that want to revive the peace process and push Israel to make new concessions or offers to get it going. That will not be welcome news in the prime minister's office in Jerusalem.

12-15-06 - EU wants a Middle East free of WMDs The European Union called Thursday for a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, responding to recent comments by the Israeli prime minister that have been interpreted as acknowledging his country has a nuclear arsenal.

12-15-06 - Apparent landmine kills Lebanese soldier The reports of new landmines have been added to the international criticism against Israel following 'disproportionate use' ? according to human rights groups - of cluster bombs during the war.

12-15-06 - Oil prices rise on Opec cut news Oil prices have risen above $62 a barrel after the Opec group of oil producing countries agreed to a further cut in output.

12-15-06 - War on terror drives Arab actor to "Zigzigland" In one scene, an FBI agent shows up at Daas's flat to ask if he knows anyone who is planning jihad. In another, a Jewish couple mistake Daas for an Israeli and agree that eliminating the Palestinians could be a good idea. Only when he has dropped his passengers off does Daas drop his bombshell.

12-15-06 - Israel warns of al-Qaida attack in India The ministry's announcement warned of a "concrete threat" of an al-Qaida attack in the area in the next few weeks. This is peak tourist season in Goa, a former Portuguese colony renowned for its palm tree-lined white beaches, resorts and hedonistic parties, and tens of thousands of foreigners, including many Israelis, are expected to be there

12-15-06 - Arab media play up anti-Zionist Jews at Iranian conference Many of the media outlets, however, broadcast the message of these ultra-Orthodox Jews, which is that the Holocaust did indeed take place but does not justify the commission of crimes against the Palestinians, as a British rabbi, Aharon Cohen, said at the conference

12-15-06 - Fear 'as bad as after 9/11'

12-15-06 - Blair heads to Turkey on first leg of Middle East tour Speaking shortly before his departure for Turkey, Mr Blair said: "There was a consensus round the table that it is of immense strategic importance for Europe that there is progress again between Israel and Palestine and that we get a resolution on issues to do with the Lebanon and support strongly the efforts of the democratically-elected government in the Lebanon."

12-15-06 - Pelosi adds two Jews to appropriations Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), speaker-elect of the U.S. House of Representatives, doubled the Jewish membership of its most powerful committee.
Ahh, Pelosi the Israel-firster.

12-15-06 - Palestinian policy affects U.S. image The perception of U.S. policy toward the Palestinians has a profoundly negative impact on Arab opinion about the United States, a poll showed. Oh come now. They hate us 'for our freedom', and because we're 'infidels', hadn't you heard? Ummm..

12-15-06 - Bush honors Sharansky, Lederberg, Safire Three Jews were among those receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
President Bush hosted a White House ceremony Friday for nine medal recipients, including Natan Sharansky, an Israeli political leader who was imprisoned nine years in the Soviet Gulag; Joshua Lederberg, a Nobel laureate and science adviser to several presidents who specializes in space travel and genetics; and William Safire, a speechwriter for President Nixon who became an influential New York Times columnist

12-15-06 - UPI Poll: Agreeing with the ISG

12-15-06 - UPI Poll: Israel right in Lebanon attack A total of 57.6 percent of the 6,296 U.S. respondents to a Zogby interactive poll said Israel was "justified" in its response while 31.1 percent said it wasn't

12-15-06 - University to discuss professor's Iran trip "One can certainly assign some blame to the Palestinians . . . there is enough evidence of atrocities on both sides, but the fundamental problem is the occupation of the Palestinian land by the incoming European Jews, and nobody can deny that."

12-15-06 - UPI Poll: Bush favors Israel As for their advice on what direction Bush should take, not surprisingly "steering a middle course" was cited by 55.8 percent of those asked while 35.1 percent said it should lean toward Israel and 3.6 percent said policies should lean toward the Palestinians.


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