The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

News for 12-18-06

12-18-06 - Showdown Looms Over Domestic Spying Federal agents continue to eavesdrop on Americans' electronic communications without warrants a year after President Bush confirmed the practice, and experts say a new Congress' efforts to limit the program could trigger a constitutional showdown.

12-18-06 - US special forces clash with CIA in war on terror: report

12-18-06 - Iran seeks to replace dollar with euro Amid US allegations that Tehran funds militant groups and is seeking a nuclear weapon, reports have suggested the US treasury has put major pressure on European banking giants to halt transactions involving Iranian clients.

12-18-06 - New manual at odds with key Iraq tactics Perhaps the most controversial section may be the manual's warning about large, sprawling bases, the very kind the Army has erected in Baghdad. The manual warns that such military bases could suggest "a long-term foreign occupation."

12-18-06 - Syria and Iraq to cooperate on crime Syria and Iraq signed on to a plan Monday to cooperate in combating terrorism and crime, the official SUNA Syrian news agency said

12-18-06 - Gingrich defends free speech curbs

12-18-06 - Iran hails elections as message to West

12-18-06 - US defence chief warns over Iraq

12-18-06 - A Near-Miss Nuclear Explosion

12-18-06 - Iran within four years of nuclear bomb: Israel spy chief ** The boy who cried wolf.

12-18-06 - Joy Behar of 'The View' Likens Rumsfeld to Adolf Hitler

12-18-06 - UN investigator cites progress in Hariri murder probe UN chief investigator Serge Brammertz cited progress in gathering crime scene evidence and probing potential perpetrators in the murder of Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri last year

12-18-06 - Bush accused of silencing critic of Iran policy A former CIA analyst has accused the White House of trying to silence its critics after he was told that an article he wrote criticising the Bush administration's policy on Iran could not be published because it contained classified material. The article had already been cleared by the CIA.

12-18-06 - Clueless Iraq hawks back in attack mode 'Hawks' = neocons.

12-18-06 - Israeli PM, U.S. senators: Baker's report not to be policy The delegation includes senior U.S. senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins and John Thune. Olmert and the senators discussed the Baker-Hamilton report and emphasized that in their view, although the report has led to a broad political discussion, it will not necessarily become U.S. policy, including regarding opposition to a dialogue with Iran and Syria. Let it be known: US Middle East policy is crafted in Tel Aviv, not Washington.

12-18-06 - "It is a missile launch bunker. Somewhere within a mile to five miles are silos with the missiles in them." ** another media outlet in Israel is reporting that the U.S. is building a massive new base for the Israeli military on the West Bank border.

12-18-06 - Ahmadinejad good for Jews

12-18-06 - Uzi Landau: 'Israel's Churchill' Warns of Iran's Hitler Former Israeli Interior Minister Uzi Landau, a leading contender to succeed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, was in the United States last week to sound the alarm on Iran.

12-18-06 - Few in Lebanon Have Favourable View of U.S.

12-18-06 - Israeli intelligence warns Hamas gunmen being trained in Iran Wait, then that must mean we should attack Iran!....

12-18-06 - Syria statement omits Golan


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