The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, December 17, 2006

News for 12-16-06

12-16-06 - Russia hopes for UN consensus on Iran by year's end: minister

12-16-06 - Iran offers Arab states nuclear technology President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered to share Iranian-made nuclear technology with Arab states in the Gulf after they expressed a desire to acquire it, Iranian media reported.

12-16-06 - U.S. resists watch list pressure on Arar "That the United States would have the gall to keep Maher on a watch list, implying that he poses a threat to this country, is outrageous," Maria LaHood, the attorney who is handling his U.S. case, said in a statement issued in New York.

12-16-06 - U.S. spy agency answers Iraq Study Group report

12-16-06 - Lebanon PM seeks Kremlin's help in Syria crisis

12-16-06 - Syrian president agrees to control border traffic with Iraq

12-16-06 - Litvinenko killed over dossier on Russian: Shvets

12-16-06 - US 'troop boost in Iraq likely'

12-16-06 - The impossible mission of changing China The problem created for American policy by the oil producers? dollar holdings is that many of these countries are hostile to America ? Venezuela, Russia, Iran ? and others might wreak havoc with the dollar if the Palestinian-Israeli conflict flares up, putting pressure on Arab regimes to damage America

12-16-06 - MK Steinitz: Believe US will attack Iran ** Member of Knesset Yuval Steinitz (Likud) said Saturday that he "believes a hundred percent that the United States will attack Iran?in order to eliminate its nuclear threat. This will occur after diplomatic efforts fail."

12-16-06 - Putin mad at Bush for funding Israeli war with Lebanon Less than 3 weeks after making this promise the United States used a little known provision in their security agreements with Israel to fully pay for the war, and as we can read as reported by Israel's Ynet News Service in their article titled "US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel"

12-16-06 - Bush makes a "Clean Break" with the Baker Plan It's revealing that the Washington Post still provides an open forum for neocon views even though, as we said, less than 4% of the American people still support a "stay the course" strategy. Apparently, that doesn?t affect the editorial policy at the Washington Post where the war-mongering incitement of neoconservative fantasists still gets unlimited coverage.
The bellicose neocons, despite having been behind the push to go to war with Iraq, are (still) overrepresented in the mainstream American media. Why is that?

12-16-06 - UAE surprised at U.S. warning on Syria, Iran trade

12-16-06 - Syria: We expect Israel to launch Middle Eastern War anytime

12-16-06 - People Who Mattered: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Ahmadinejad: When it is understood that the Holocaust does not have any relationship with the Palestinian people, we will have two proposals for the Western and European countries

12-16-06 - Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria Wurmser says that what most frustrates her is hearing people close to decision makers in Israel asking her if the US would have let Israel attack Syria. "No one would have stopped you. It was an American interest. They would have applauded you. Think why you received so much time and space to operate. Rice was in the region and Israel embarrassed her with Qana, and still Israel got more time. Why aren't they reading the map correctly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?"
Naturally, neocons consider themselves blameless in the Iraq debacle.

12-16-06 - UK arms deal probe dropped over Mid East peace process fears An investigation into a controversial arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia was reportedly dropped because of fears it could wreck Prime Minister Tony Blair's efforts to rekindle the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

12-16-06 - Syria softens on Golan Syria said it could give up its demand for a return of the Golan Heights as a precondition for peace talks with Israel.

12-16-06 - Americans Back Iraq Study Group Conclusions Is the will of the majority of the American people being adequately represented by our politicians on Capitol Hill?

12-16-06 - Rabid neocon attacks Carter The more vicious and vile the slander against him by the usual suspects, the more you know that Carter got it right. Offering up the truth to somebody like Horowitz, is like holding up a cross to a vampire - hssssssss.

12-16-06 - Hillary Clinton: I join Israel against Ahmadinejad Her letter was read at a conference in New York City, among the guests were US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Professor Alan Dershowitz and former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler. (Ronny Sofer)

12-16-06 - Lebanon protesters dig in for winter


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