The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

News for 12-19-06

12-19-06 - Pentagon mulling show of force to Iran ** The Pentagon is considering a buildup of Navy forces in the Persian Gulf as a show of force against Iran, a senior defense official said Tuesday. Recall the article about missiles from yesterday's news. Is this the moment Israel and its neocon minions have been waiting for?

12-19-06 - US sees UN sanctions against Iran voted within days

12-19-06 - Cheney to be defense witness in CIA case

12-19-06 - Bush plans to increase size of military

12-19-06 - US costs for Iraq war likely to exceed $US110b, official says

12-19-06 - US rebuffs Syrian leader's offer of talks

12-19-06 - Ahmadi-Nejad suffers vote setback in Iran

12-19-06 - Syria ready for U.S. dialogue but not orders: Assad

12-19-06 - Wash. Post cited Giuliani's opposition to Iraq withdrawal in asserting his "tough(ness)"

12-19-06 - 60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002 The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming, and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy, to justify the policy.

12-19-06 - The Rascals are Still In Charge Of all the tragic aspects of this national disaster this is worst: The people who have been catastrophically wrong about everything are still in charge. And a year from now, when things are even worse in Iraq, we can be sure the neo-conservatives will still be demanding that yet more American soldiers die so that Kagan and his ilk can continue to live out their increasingly destructive geopolitical fantasies.

12-19-06 - The "Hoax" That Wasn't:: The July 23 Qana Ambulance Attack On the basis of this investigation, we conclude that the attack on the ambulances was not a hoax: Israeli forces attacked two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances that night in Qana, almost certainly with missiles fired from an Israeli drone flying overhead Israel-defenders stoop to new lows when it comes to their attempts to absolve that nation of any and all blame for anything.

12-19-06 - O-bomb-a and the War Party

12-19-06 - Israel to step up Golan settlement building Israeli Interior Minister Roni Bar-On has said he intends to accelerate housing projects on settlements in the occupied Golan Heights, defying recent Syrian calls for peace talks. Land or peace? Israel has chosen the former for nearly 60 years. Won't last forever.

12-19-06 - U.S. Senators Encourage Israel To Snub Syria

12-19-06 - Iran seeks condemnation of Israeli nukes

12-19-06 - Blair to ask Gulf States to rein in Iran

12-19-06 - Russian, Syrian leaders discuss Middle East peace process

12-19-06 - Think tank sees threats The institute, chaired by former U.S. Mideast envoy Dennis Ross, said it is developing an initiative for a ?pan-Jewish? strategy toward Islam, with particular emphasis on the role of global Jewish decision-makers, academics and policy planners

12-19-06 - PM to senators: Syrian support of extremists hurts peace chances Olmert called for sanctions on Iran and praised U.S. efforts toward preventing Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capabilities

12-19-06 - Hamas expert testifies in trial "What is the difference between this guy who blows himself up on a bus and the Israeli bombs dropped on a refugee camp in Gaza?" Hroub said. "The end result is the same -- killing civilians."

12-19-06 - Deep Background by Philip Giraldi In 2001-02 the FBI, acting on a request from the IRS, investigated what appeared to be a massive insurance fraud carried out by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

12-19-06 - The other Israel lobby The point of the initiative, Levy told me, is not to "turn American policy against Israel. It is to reach out to groups of philanthropists to get better resources and better focus and to translate this into a political statement," so that members of Congress will know that they "will have cover if they seek to do what we and many in the American Jewish Community think is right." You know, it would be great if our elected representatives actually represented the will of the American people, not lobbies. But then, that's just a quaint old notion these days...

12-19-06 - Neo-Cons Wanted Israel to Attack Syria Abrams has been known to work particularly closely with both David Wurmser, Meyrav's husband, and Cheney's national security adviser, John Hannah, who, in turn have long favoured "regime change" in Damascus.Indeed, both Wurmsers, along with former Defence Policy Board chairman Richard Perle and former Undersecretary of Defence for Policy Douglas Feith, worked together on a 1996 paper, entitled "A Clean Break", for incoming Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, which called for overthrowing Iraq's Saddam Hussein as the first step toward destabilising Syria.

12-19-06 - Iran to get nukes by 2010: Mossad boss Mr Dagan told the Knesset committee that a hasty US pullout from Iraq would be a disaster that would change the geo-political situation in the Middle East and provide al-Qa'ida with a victory. He said al-Qa'ida had already set its sights on Israel as its next target after the fighting in Iraq was over and that it would also aim at bringing down regimes in countries bordering Israel.
Thus will America never get out of Iraq. Israel's security comes before ours, which is why we went into that nation in the first place.

12-19-06 - Holy Warriors Set Sights on Iran **

12-19-06 - U.S. PREPARES DEFENSE PACKAGE FOR LEBANON Officials said the Bush administration plans to launch an imminent effort to bolster Lebanon's military amid the Hizbullah threat to the government of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. They said the U.S. military aid package could reach more than $300 million over the next few years.

12-19-06 - Israel's entry into NATO proposed Daniel Levy, a senior fellow and director of the foundation's Middle East initiative, cautioned that a NATO with Israel as its only member from outside Europe and North America would make Israel look like a "colonial outpost."
That's exactly what it is.


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