The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 21, 2006

News for 12-20-06

12-20-06 - U.S. may send second carrier to Mideast Gulf CBS News reported on Monday that a projected naval buildup was intended to discourage what U.S. officials view as increasingly provocative acts by Tehran as it presses its nuclear program and support for Shi'ite militias in Iraq.

12-20-06 - Russia objects to travel ban for Iranian officials Russia views such a travel ban on certain Iranian officials connected to the country's nuclear programme as an "attempt to introduce an element of punishment" into the draft resolution, Lavrov said Wednesday.

12-20-06 - Russia criticizes West over U.N. draft on Iran Russia said on Wednesday attempts by its Western partners to ditch agreed principles in handling Iran's nuclear ambitions were blocking adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution on sanctions against Tehran.

12-20-06 - Pentagon Wants $99.7 Billion More to Fund Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

12-20-06 - Bush concedes US not winning war in Iraq

12-20-06 - Al Qaeda promises attacks on US Al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri has vowed in a videotape that the terrorist group will not stop attacks on American soil as long as the US strikes Muslims on their land.

12-20-06 - Annan: Iran intervention would be unwise U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Tuesday for key parties to seek a negotiated settlement with Iran over its nuclear program and warned that military intervention would be "unwise and disastrous."

12-20-06 - Report: U.S. secretly cultivating Syrian opposition to Assad The United States administration is secretly working to cultivate and strengthen the Syrian opposition, in order to undermine Syrian President Bashar Assad's rule and bring about his overthrow, according to the TIME Magazine Web site.

12-20-06 - Wilson challenges subpoena in CIA case "Mr. Libby should not be permitted to compel Mr. Wilson's testimony at trial either for the purpose of harassing Mr. Wilson or to gain an advantage in the civil case,"

12-20-06 - US senators meet Assad despite White House criticism Two influential US senators, including former presidential candidate John Kerry, met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite criticism in Washington of such missions.

12-20-06 - America's Original Foreign Policy by Rep. Ron Paul It is time for Americans to rethink the interventionist foreign policy that is accepted without question in Washington. It is time to understand the obvious harm that results from our being dragged time and time again into intractable and endless Middle East conflicts, whether in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or Palestine. It is definitely time to ask ourselves whether further American lives and tax dollars should be lost trying to remake the Middle East in our image.

12-20-06 - End of the strongmen - Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war? All of these outcomes in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq could have been foreseen -- and almost certainly were. More than that, it looks increasingly like the growing tensions and carnage were planned. Rather than an absence of Western intervention being the problem, the violence and fragmentation of these societies seems to be precisely the goal of the intervention. Would there be near-civil wars in those three areas if we hadn't meddled therein? DOUBTFUL.

12-20-06 - Al-Zawahiri: U.S. Talking to Wrong People in Iraq, Urges 'Holy War' Against Israel In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum brushed off al-Zawahiri's criticism and defended the party's electoral policy.

12-20-06 - Person of the Year: Ahmadinejad by Patrick J. Buchanan His trip to the United Nations, where he ran circles around U.S. journalists, was a diplomatic triumph. And he has done it all not with military power ? Iran would not last a week in an all-out war with the United States and has no defense against Israel's nuclear weapons ? but with theatrics and rhetoric.

12-20-06 - Iran wants Israel to return Golan to Syria

12-20-06 - Bush appropriates Chanukah moral in depicting current threat from Iran

12-20-06 - Proposed travel limits on Congress don't faze Jewish nonprofit groups The consensus among Jewish groups is that the new legislation would be an inconvenience, but wouldn't seriously hamper the trips to Israel that are considered a critical component of congressional support for Israel. ...Trips must be preapproved by the House Ethics Committee, a process that U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said would guarantee a continuance of the Israel tours.....Insiders said the impact was likely to be minimal. In Israel trips, the key relationship is not between the lawmaker and the lobbyist but between the lawmaker and the Jewish constituent who gives money to the lawmaker's campaign and who often is present on the trip.

12-20-06 - Orthodox community outraged as group embraces Holocaust deniers "They are going to learn that the Jewish people and Holocaust survivors are not going to stomach this," Mordechai Levy, national director of the Jewish Defense Organization, told JTA. "There is a real line. They crossed it a billion times."

12-20-06 - Mazin Qumsiyeh: Holocaust Deniers and the Iraq Study Group

12-20-06 - Islamophobia on the rise, E.U. study reports Europe?s 13 million Muslims are experiencing an unprecedented level of discrimination at work and in public, a report found.

12-20-06 - Palestinian immigrant in 'L.A. Eight' case becomes U.S. citizen All the so-called "L-A Eight" have denied being members, and immigrant rights groups say the case was politically motivated

12-20-06 - Bush "proud" of Lebanese PM Siniora US President George W. Bush said he was proud of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, praising his tenacity in resisting "enormous pressure" from Syria and Hezbollah.

12-20-06 - Disbelief at israeli snub of Syrian offer

12-20-06 - Fox Guest Says Joy Behar, Matt Damon & Keith Olbermann Should Be Rounded Up And Put In A Detention Center Because They're Traitors

12-20-06 - EU politician calls for isolation of Iran Last week Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni accused Europe of not doing enough to combat the nuclear threat from Iran.

12-20-06 - Assad's fatal attraction

12-20-06 - Fresh from the horse's ass The little neocon from WND has a shiny new piece of Zioganda to spin - this time with regard to Baker and an attempt to delegitamize the latter's ISG report by smearing the former.


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