The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, December 18, 2006

News for 12-17-06

12-17-06 - Want to send your support to a Soldier in harm's way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?

12-17-06 - Republican Sen. Specter Plans Syria Trip Sen. Arlen Specter, a 26-year Senate Republican, said he will visit Syria despite loud objections by the Bush administration, contending the situation in Iraq is so dire that it is time Congress step up to the plate and see what it can do.

12-17-06 - Palestinian refugees fear for their lives after recent attack

12-17-06 - Pope urges aid for Iraqi refugees in Syria

12-17-06 - Americans Want Congress Hearings on Iraq War Should not 44%
Help me out here, why SHOULDN'T we investigate this?

12-17-06 - Powell: We Are Losing In Iraq Powell, who as a member of the Bush Administration pushed the international community to sanction the invasion of Iraq, said that we are not safer now after nearly four years of fighting. "I think we are a little less safe, in the sense that we don't have the same force structure available for other problems," Powell said. "I think we have been somewhat constrained in our ability to influence events elsewhere." Bring back Powell!

12-17-06 - AP: 'Vicious killers' from Guantanamo Bay routinely freed by other countries Decisions by more than a dozen countries in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia to release the former Guantanamo detainees raise questions about whether they were really as dangerous as the United States claimed, or whether some of America's staunchest allies have set terrorists and militants free.

12-17-06 - So Much for Inalienable Rights "...even if Iran is telling the truth ? Iran says, 'We have no nuclear weapons program. We just want peaceful nuclear energy' ? Israel says, 'So long as Iran has any enrichment capability, this constitutes a threat to Israel,' and they are pressuring the United States to take forceful action."

12-17-06 - Bush's reaction alarms Iraq panelist

12-17-06 - Olmert rejects Syrian calls for peace talks He suggested Mr Assad's overture was prompted by a desire to fend off international sanctions for Damascus's alleged complicity in the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, and its support for radical forces in the Middle East.

12-17-06 - The Israel Quandary By Robert D. Novak In 2002, a healthy and forceful Ariel Sharon, then prime minister, was an early advocate of U.S. military intervention in Iraq, in private sessions predicting therapeutic qualities throughout the region from deposing Saddam Hussein. More than four years later, the relationship has been reversed by the commission's report. Instead of the Iraqi intervention solving the Israeli question, stabilizing the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation is described as essential to an Iraqi solution....The Baker-Hamilton report and Hagel's speech each reiterated the truth that there is no chance whatsoever for essential Israeli-Palestinian peace without American brokerage. The Israeli ruling class and its U.S. outriders do not want that to happen, which explains the bitter opposition to the commission's recommendations.

12-17-06 - From June: The Persecution of the Palestinians by Patrick J. Buchanan Terrorism has been described as waging war on innocents to break their political leaders. Is that not a fair description of what we are doing to the Palestinians? No wonder they hate us.

12-17-06 - Assad visits Russia at time of Mideast crises Syrian President Bashar al-Assad heads Monday for Moscow with the Lebanon, Iraq and Palestinian crises on the agenda at a time when Russia is seeking to raise its profile in the troubled Middle East.

12-17-06 - Hezbollah: 250 killed in war with Israel

12-17-06 - Groups Mute Criticism of Iraq Report Jewish and pro-Israel groups, after initially greeting the report of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group with outrage, have begun to mute their criticisms on the basis of assurances that the Bush administration will not adopt the report's proposed linkage between Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict......Aipac executive director Howard Kohr, stressed the importance of ensuring that the recommendations seen as linking Israel and Iraq are not adopted.

12-17-06 - US or Israel will attack Iran by March ** Note the source.

12-17-06 - Ayalon: Accept Syrian overtures for dialogue Ayalon said that before negotiations are started, Syria needs to disengage itself from terrorism and Iran and to make it clear that Israel cannot withdraw from the Golan Heights in the upcoming years.


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