The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 14, 2006

News for 12-13-06

12-13-06 - Khamenei vows more Iran progress in nuclear drive "In the nuclear energy issue, international powers insisted that Iran should not achieve this advanced technology, but Iranians unanimously insisted on obtaining this right and as a result reached a very advanced level.

12-13-06 - Britain, Russia report progress in bid to agree UN sanctions on Iran While there were still differences on some issues, including a proposed travel ban on officials directly involved in Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, the six powers now "have a basic understanding that we should be focusing on uranium enrichment, chemical reprocessing, heavy water projects and nuclear delivery systems," he added.

12-13-06 - Blix says security guarantees for Iran could end nuclear crisis Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix has said in The Hague that giving security guarantees to Iran could help dispel the international crisis caused by Tehran's nuclear program.

12-13-06 - Syria's Assad calls on West not to intervene in Lebanon

12-13-06 - 5 Palestinian Refugees Killed in Baghdad Mortar Attack

12-13-06 - Experts Advise Bush Not to Reduce Troops

12-13-06 - Americans See Widening Rich-Poor Income Gap as Cause for Alarm Not neocon-related but important all the same.

12-13-06 - Canada to probe cases of trio jailed in Syria

12-13-06 - More than 800,000 Iraqis may be in Syria Syria has admitted more than 800,000 Iraqis who have fled the violence in their country, the official Al-Baath newspaper quoted Syria's Interior Ministry as saying Wednesday.

12-13-06 - Saudis 'may back' Iraq's Sunnis The message was conveyed to US Vice-President Dick Cheney two weeks ago when he visited Riyadh, according to a report in the New York Times newspaper.

12-13-06 - Television 'News' to Warm a PR Agent's Heart Video news releases made to look like independent journalists' work are airing on many stations.

12-13-06 - Israel supports Arabs on N-power two Israeli generals offered assessments that appeared to contradict each other. Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz, the No2 in Israeli military intelligence, told the cabinet that Syrian President Bashar Assad had stepped up production of long-range missiles and ordered that anti-tank missiles be moved closer to the border in anticipation of war. "He is preparing the Syrian army for the possibility of a military conflict with Israel," General Baidatz said. "On the other hand, he is not ruling out the possibility of reaching a political settlement with Israel." But a member of the general staff, speaking anonymously, said there was no indication from either Hezbollah or Syria that they were preparing for imminent war.

12-13-06 - General Brent Scowcroft: "Instability in the Middle East serves neither U.S. nor Russian interests."

12-13-06 - Oil price to fall to below $53 by 2008: World Bank High global oil prices are likely to ease to $56 a barrel in 2007 and fall further to just below $53 in 2008 as supplies increase and demand growth eases, the World Bank said on Wednesday.

12-13-06 - EU presidency wants Olmert to explain nuclear comments Kaariainen said he hoped Olmert's words would not have a negative effect on the UN-led peacekeeping force deployed in Lebanon following the 34-day war between the Israeli army and Hezbollah this year.

12-13-06 - The importance of US engagement with Iran and Syria Unlike today's Iran, the Soviet Union uttered dire threats against the US itself - and also had the means to make good on those threats. Even during the worst days of the cold war, however, US governments of both parties maintained constant diplomatic contact with Moscow. And thank goodness they did

12-13-06 - Israeli PM to rally Italy's support on Iran sanctions The Israeli leader was given a private audience with the pope and was then to meet the Vatican head of government, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone

12-13-06 - Israeli PM urges international moves against Iran ** Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called on the international community to coordinate efforts to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

12-13-06 - UPI Poll: Support of Israel hurts energy The poll showed 40.7 percent of respondents said U.S. support for Israel made energy supplies less safe; 12.9 percent said it made it safer and 25.9 percent said it made no difference.

12-13-06 - Iran, Arabs demand UN action over Israeli nuclear arms

12-13-06 - Democrat dilemma over Iran ** US and Israeli rhetoric has been echoed by Democrats, particularly incoming Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi. In 2005, she told a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that "the greatest threat to Israel's right to exist ... now comes from Iran". AIPAC has long been associated with some of the more extreme sectors of the Israeli political spectrum. The organization has been particularly aggressive in lobbying for war with Iran, a war that polls show the US public strongly opposes.

12-13-06 - Beware the Next Bipartisan War by Patrick J. Buchanan The neocons are also preparing their defense before the bar of history. Realizing the Baker Commission recommendations point to slow-motion defeat, they are savaging Baker and calling for tens of thousands more U.S. troops to be sent to Baghdad and a new strategy of victory, no matter how much it costs or how long it takes.

12-13-06 - Iran nukes prompt concerns within Mideast The United Nations Security Council is considering a watered-down resolution of sanctions aimed at punishing Iran for pursuing its uranium- enrichment program - a process that could lead to development of a nuclear weapon The operative words here: "a process that could lead to development of a nuclear weapon". Iran does not have nuclear weapons, folks. But you wouldn't know that if you read the news offered up by the mainstream American media. Why is that?

12-13-06 - Fla. senator defies Bush, visits Syria Nelson said he ultimately received logistical support from the State Department in what he called a "fact-finding trip" across the Middle East, being transported by embassy officials from Jordan's capital city of Amman to Damascus. Prior to heading to Damascus, Nelson met with top Israeli and Palestinian officials; in coming days, he plans to visit Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iraq.

12-13-06 - World Bank's Wolfowitz heckled for Iraq role "You lied about the Iraq war! You are a war criminal!"

12-13-06 - Middle East peace not possible without Syria - Merkel Speaking at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Merkel said she had supported Steinmeier's trip, but that it had led to no change of heart from Syria.

12-13-06 - Why Israel maintains nuclear ambiguity

12-13-06 - Syria blasts Israel over building of Golan Heights reservoir

12-13-06 - Saudi envoy talks about common interests Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington discussed areas of common interest with Israel when he met with a pro-Israel group.

12-13-06 - Israeli jets violate airspace over southern Lebanon

12-13-06 - Muslim Charity Sues Treasury Dept. and Seeks Dismissal of Charges of Terrorism The government has accused the foundation of having been the American fund-raising arm of Hamas

12-13-06 - Israeli nuclear whistleblower demands freedom Mordechai Vanunu made world headlines 20 years ago when he gave a London newspaper photographs and details of Israel's secret nuclear facility at Dimona.

12-13-06 - Israel, Alone : The nuclear cat is out of the bag - and Olmert issues a warning? The Lobby is reeling. For the first time since the Eisenhower era, our Israeli-centric policy in the Middle East is being openly and successfully challenged

12-13-06 - UPI Poll: 'Poor' Middle East mark for Bush

12-13-06 - McCain: Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq could 'risk catastrophe' Steering clear of the Iraq Study Group's controversial recommendation to engage the Arab-Israeli issue to win support for U.S. efforts in Iraq, John McCain made an emphatic case for American steadfastness in Iraq during an address to a Jewish group.

12-13-06 - Wednesday Night Fights: David Duke Calls Wolf Blitzer an 'Israeli Agent'


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