The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, December 11, 2006

News for 12-11-06

12-11-06 - Russia upbeat but wants changes on Iraq UN measure Russia praised a European draft U.N. resolution imposing sanctions on Iran's nuclear materials but objected to a travel ban and wanted to ease a freeze on financial assets on Tehran officials.

12-11-06 - Iran will respond to sanctions: Ahmadinejad "From now on, considering your insistence on confronting the Iranian nation, we consider this move of yours as hostile and will act accordingly," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

12-11-06 - Annan criticizes U.S. in farewell speech "Human rights and the rule of law are vital to global security and prosperity," Annan's text said. When the U.S. "appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, its friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused,"

12-11-06 - Greenspan says expects more dollar weakness Not neocon-related but important all the same.

12-11-06 - Seeking Iran Intelligence, U.S. Tries Google When the State Department recently asked the CIA for names of Iranians who could be sanctioned for their involvement in a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the agency refused, citing a large workload and a desire to protect its sources and tradecraft.

12-11-06 - Judge settles classified info fight in Libby case A federal judge has accepted a series of redactions and substitutions proposed by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald - to be provided to I Lewis "Scooter" Libby's defense team - which will limit what Libby can share with jurors at his upcoming trial on some of the specifics of his top-secret White House briefings.

12-11-06 - Bush seeks advice on Iraq policy

12-11-06 - Iran pledges 250 mln dlrs to Palestinian govt: Haniya Iran has also "adopted" 100,000 Palestinian workers, who will receive 100 dollars a month each for the next six months, a total of 60 million dollars.

12-11-06 - Labor's Paz-Pines praises Baker-Hamilton report ** "The report was good for Israel because as long as the US is in Iraq, America is impotent," he said. "As long as America is in Iraq, they cannot act on Iran, so Israel has an interest in helping America escape the Iraq fiasco. Really now. So Israel should seek to get us out of one war to send us into another (which again primarily benefits them, not us)? Isn't that nice of them.

12-11-06 - Hawks Bolster Skeptical President 'Hawks' = neocons.

12-11-06 - Olmert, in Europe, hints Israel has nuclear arms Olmert's spokeswoman, Miri Eisin, said he did not mean to say that Israel had or aspired to acquire atomic weapons.

12-11-06 - Syria and Iraq re-open embassies

12-11-06 - Oil price dips below $62 a barrel Oil prices have fallen below $62 a barrel after mixed signals over whether the Opec producers' cartel would cut output for a second time this year

12-11-06 - Pentagon brass promote Jesus Catton, who is among six uniformed officers appearing on the video, credits his inspiration to the evangelical group Christian Embassy

12-11-06 - Ending Arab-Israeli war would help in Iraq -Annan

12-11-06 - MCCAIN WARNS OF IRAN IN CITY VISIT ** Sen. John McCain swept onto the turf of potential rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rudy Giuliani last night, vowing a strong defense of Israel and saying military action may be needed to prevent Iran from building nukes.

12-11-06 - Rice warns Syria and Iran over Lebanon protests

12-11-06 - If Israel Falls, the West Follows More hype and histrionics from the usual suspects.

12-11-06 - Gates testimony / Preserving nuclear ambiguity In particular, they want to know two things: First, whether this statement was a private initiative by Gates, or whether he coordinated it with the top levels of the American administration. And second, whether he was implying that since Israel has nuclear weapons, it can deal with any nuclear threat from Iran on its own.

12-11-06 - Record Israeli arms sales irk US "The ability of the Israeli Military Industry annoys certain US administration officials," said a source from within the security industry on Saturday. He claims that these officials are making allegations that Israel has sold technological information to 'problematic' countries like China.

12-11-06 - Arab League hopes for Beirut deal

12-11-06 - Neturei Karta: Iranians making logical claim Neturei Karta members don't pay taxes and also don't use state services. They have a closed and independent economy. Hirsch doesn't have an Israeli identity card, sees himself as a citizen of Palestine, and waives a black flag at his house, on which is inscribed: "We are mourning 58 years of Israeli tyranny on the Jewish people and the holy Torah."

12-11-06 - McCain: I?ll Embrace Bush Democracy Agenda Sen. John McCain has indicated that his foreign policy platform for a 2008 presidential campaign will remain faithful to President Bush?s efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East.

12-11-06 - Assad: Israel doesn?t want peace

12-11-06 - UK home secretary: Israeli-Palestinian conflict spawning terror Reid said the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians was fueling "international terrorism," urging its resolution.

12-11-06 - Hillary Clinton and Haim Saban at the 2006 Saban Forum in Washington, D.C.

12-11-06 - Syria backs Arab League on Lebanon -envoy

12-11-06 - Holocaust deniers gather in Iran for 'scientific' conference


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