The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, November 17, 2006

News for 11-16-06

11-16-06 - Iran hints at new nuclear talks

11-16-06 - U.S. will talk to Iran, but not Syria

11-16-06 - Official says U.S. may mull pre-emptive Iran strike **

11-16-06 - Rumors of Neoconservatism's Death Exaggerated unfortunately for them, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice embracing what looks like a realpolitik-lite foreign policy on Iran and North Korea, it seems that the neocons' last bureaucratic bastion in the Bush administration is now the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, a stronghold from which neocons like David Wurmser will probably try to counter the rising power of the old realists.

11-16-06 - Neoconservatism -- RIP In 1997, many leading neocons started a pressure group called the Project for the New American Century, which called for America to overthrow Saddam Hussein. A number of PNAC members, including Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams and Richard Perle, went on to hold high positions in or to function as influential advisors to the Bush administration.

11-16-06 - Iran Hawks Reorganize Among the latest efforts is the creation earlier this month of the Iran Enterprise Institute, a privately funded nonprofit drawing not just its name but inspiration and moral support from leading figures associated with the American Enterprise Institute

11-16-06 - US warns on China sub encounter

11-16-06 - Hoyer wins leadership
U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), one of the pro-Israel community?s closest friends in the U.S. House of Representatives, was elected majority leader.

11-16-06 - International aid to Lebanon coming slower than planned: mininster

11-16-06 - Bush gives go-ahead for building 'Bush Center' in Israel United States President George Bush was informed on Tuesday of an initiative to establish a center under his name in Israel, as a sign of gratitude for his support for the country and its security. It would appear that Bush was elected to serve Israel.

11-16-06 - Who Lost Iraq? Neocons run for cover

11-16-06 - The Coming Sellout - The Democrats won't deliver on the war So many of the outright falsifications peddled by the administration in selling the American public on the war came out of the OSP, and by such a circuitous route, that a failure to probe this shadowy outfit would be a clear dereliction of duty.

11-16-06 - Libby: No White House plot, no crime in CIA leak

11-16-06 - US assails UN rights forum probe into Israeli Gaza attack

11-16-06 - The neocons' last stand The neocon logic in favour of the Iraq war was that the road to Jerusalem led through Baghdad: an invasion would install an Iraqi democracy that would force the Palestinians to submit to the Israelis. Now near-unanimity exists on Baker's commission to reverse that formula. The central part of a new policy must be, they believe, that the road to Baghdad leads through Jerusalem.

11-16-06 - US contradicts UN pessimism on Lebanon munitions removal his portrayal of the progress being made contrasted with a UN complaint last week that Israel's failure to provide detailed maps of where its forces dropped so-called "cluster bombs" in Lebanon had hamstrung clearance operations.

11-16-06 - Peres: Israel can't lead efforts on Iran Israel must not take the lead in international efforts to curb Iran?s nuclear program, Shimon Peres said.

11-16-06 - $120m Iran aid to Palestinians

11-16-06 - An Exodus of Hawks Follows Rumsfeld from the Pentagon

11-16-06 - Syria and UNRWA to Improve Situation of Palestinian Refugees

11-16-06 - Bin Laden not top Islamist thinker: study The Militant Ideology Atlas, compiled by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, instead showed Palestinian cleric Mohammed al-Maqdisi as the most influential living Islamist thinker.

11-16-06 - Lobbyists' hearing scheduled Three other trial launch dates ? in January, April and August of this year ? have all lapsed

11-16-06 - Pentagon hands back clearance to bomb expert ?The renewal of Dr. Baum?s security clearance is clearly consistent with our national interest, as it allows him access to classified information needed to perform duties in support of contracts with the United States,? said Susan Weinberg, the JCRC president.

11-16-06 - Emanuel to leadership In his victory statement, Emanuel recalled the arrival to the United States of his grandparents from the Russia-Romania border and of his father from Israel.

11-16-06 - Wanted: A moderate pro-Israel lobby Indeed, AIPAC sometimes tries to be more Israeli than the Israeli government, urging American Jews and their elected representatives in Washington to oppose moderate, responsible positions on Israel, while hewing to the hardest line on the Israeli and American Jewish political spectrum.
I don't understand why AIPAC officials are allowed to say such things and yet AIPAC is still not forced to register as a foreign agent.

11-16-06 - Tilt toward Ehrlich doesn't take place; in area, Jews favor Dems Some pro-Israel activists, though, are raising questions about Webb's position on the Jewish state.
Morris Amitay, the founder of the pro-Israel Washington PAC and a former American Israel Public Affairs Committee executive director, said that Webb's endorsement during the campaign of negotiations with Iran and Syria as part of a regional approach on the Iraq war could indicate support for a similar approach on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

11-16-06 - Newspapers Endorse John Bolton Now you know which rags are run by the staunchest of Israel-supporters, folks.

11-16-06 - Lebanon inflation to rise to 7 percent due to Israel war Inflation in Lebanon is forecast to rise sharply to seven percent by the end of 2006 due to Israel's devastating summer offensive, the central bank governor has said.

11-16-06 - Falling In Line On Israel The election of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate is unlikely to result in any serious challenge to the Bush administration?s support for Israeli attacks against the civilian populations of its Arab neighbors and the Israeli government?s ongoing violations of international humanitarian law.


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