The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, October 29, 2006

News for 10-28-06

10-28-06 - 98 U.S. GIs killed in Iraq this month

10-28-06 - Reworked device a few months off, U.S. analysts say North Korean scientists will only need a few months at most to correct technical problems connected with the Oct. 9 test of the country's first nuclear device, U.S. analysts estimate.

10-28-06 - CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

10-28-06 - US hails airborne laser as weapons milestone The head of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency on Friday hailed what he described as epochal progress toward putting a high-energy laser aboard a modified Boeing Co. 747 to zap ballistic missiles that could be fired by North Korea and Iran.

10-28-06 - Reports: South Korea monitoring movements at North's suspected nuclear site

10-28-06 - Iran, Syria discuss stabilising Iraq Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday to discuss ways to stabilise Iraq and deepen ties between the two countries.

10-28-06 - Iran replaces air force chief, minister The change came ahead of a Persian Gulf naval exercise next week in which the United States and five other countries are participating.

10-28-06 - Assad: Syria not seeking to be nuclear state He said the international community should also apply pressure on Israel to abandon its nuclear arsenal.

10-28-06 - 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team soldier gets a kiss from Iraqi boy at a checkpoint on the edge of Baghdad's Shiite enclave of Sadr City

10-28-06 - A boy plays with a U.S. soldier from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team at a checkpoint in Baghdad

10-28-06 - Punishing North Korea ? Eh?

10-28-06 - Robert Fisk: Mystery of Israel's secret uranium bomb Israel has a poor reputation for telling the truth about its use of weapons in Lebanon. In 1982, it denied using phosphorous munitions on civilian areas - until journalists discovered dying and dead civilians whose wounds caught fire when exposed to air.

10-28-06 - UN urges Solana to pressure Israel on Lebanon overflights Bagga said there were "sometimes between nine and 15 flights a day, which is quite a lot actually ... (they occur) sometimes late at night."
"It is very discomforting for the Lebanese, it could easily lead to some incident,"

10-28-06 - UN unable to confirm radiation spike after Lebanon war The UN, which has been studying the ecological damage in Lebanon caused by the war between Israel and Hezbollah, said it would soon be able to say whether uranium-based munitions were used

10-28-06 - Rice presses for Hezbollah's disarmament Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stepped up international pressure on Hezbollah to disarm, saying the guerrilla group must surrender its weapons if it wants to remain part of Lebanon's political process.

10-28-06 - Old order in Iraq Democratization of Iraq has created anarchy, and in the Palestinian Authority it has led to the rise of the Hamas government ? that since then no longer recognizes democracy Really. Is it that the Hamas government no longer recognizes democracy? Or is it that Israel (and consequently the US) no longer recognize the party that the Palestinians democratically elected (and they did so due to the corruption of the previous administration, the Fatah party)? You know the answer.

10-28-06 - Solana expresses support for Lebanese gov't

10-28-06 - Make Assad an offer he can't refuse

10-28-06 - U.N. Security Council Edicts Challenged Historically, Israel is one of the few member states to consistently defy the Security Council by refusing to accept or violating over 40 resolutions, primarily because of the unwavering support it has from the United States.

10-28-06 - Trailing in Polls, GOP Senator Reaches Out to Jews "He finds a lot of common points on intersection between himself and the Jewish people and the land of Israel," said a top Santorum aide with ties to right-wing pro-Israel circles, Barbara Ledeen.

10-28-06 - On Israel's Lebanon border, a surprising optimism


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