The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, December 11, 2005

News for 12-10-05

12-10-05 - Concern grows for Iraq hostages

12-10-05 - Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran Cross-border operations and signal intelligence from a base established by the Israelis in northern Iraq are said to have identified a number of Iranian uranium enrichment sites unknown to the the IAEA.

12-10-05 - Report: Israel prepares to strike Iran PM Sharon orders IDF to prepare for attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by end of March 2006, British newspaper Sunday Times reports; intelligence officials say Iranian uranium enrichment facilities already active See the four day war scenario in this article posted last year by the American Conservative.

12-10-05 - Syria Slows Sanctions Momentum at U.N. And the United States, preoccupied with Iraq, does not seem to be eager to push Damascus too hard, fearing the destabilization of yet another Middle Eastern country.

12-10-05 - Syria says has completely cooperated with Hariri probe

12-10-05 - UN wants to question more Syrians in Hariri probe Mehlis said he would ask Syria in the next few days if U.N. investigators could question new Syrian witnesses in Vienna, but did not identify them.

12-10-05 - Iran's Plans to Enrich Uranium Draws Heat

12-10-05 - Israel expands war arsenal to deal with Iranian nuclear threat

12-10-05 - US warned Saudis of Qaeda threat to aircraft before 2001: cable

12-10-05 - British Islamic group pleads for life of pensioner hostage

12-10-05 - Mehlis says will submit Hariri report next week "In the past months we have gathered a considerable amount of evidence as we pointed out in our last report and will point out in the next report. I am happy with the evidence we have."

12-10-05 - UK 'covered up' Israeli nuke deal


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