The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, December 05, 2005

News for 12-04-05

12-04-05 - US Army admits Iraqis outnumber foreign fighters as its main enemy Iraqis, rather than foreign fighters, now form the vast majority of the insurgents who are waging a ferocious guerrilla war against United States forces in Sunni western Iraq, American commanders have revealed.

12-04-05 - US preparing non-UN sanctions on Iran American officials told their Israeli counterparts recently that the US would take the Iran issue to the UN only if it is sure that the case is "veto proof," meaning that it has assurances from the permanent members in the Security Council not to use their veto power to bloc a resolution against Iran The title for this article has since changed, I have kept the original. Say, I wonder who would be behind this sudden push anyway?

12-04-05 - FBI reopens Niger probe

12-04-05 - Russia planning war games with India, China China, along with Russia, is a founding member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) that also includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. India joined it as an observer last July, along with Pakistan and Iran.

12-04-05 - Iran says not interested in talks with US

12-04-05 - Israeli Military Doubts Pressure on Iran Israel's military chief of staff said Sunday he did not believe diplomatic pressure will put a halt to Iran's nuclear ambitions.

12-04-05 - Syrian officials leave for Austria Hariri probe Five Syrian officials summoned by a U.N. inquiry into the killing of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri for questioning in Austria have left for Vienna, diplomatic sources said on Sunday

12-04-05 - Iran buying, developing missile defence system: official The United States has said it is unhappy with the deal -- which comes amid unease in the West over Russia's role in helping Tehran develop nuclear energy.

12-04-05 - US does not send suspects abroad for torture: Hadley

12-04-05 - Russia Mulls Military Supply Base in China ? Defense Official

12-04-05 - Netanyahu urges bold Israeli action on Iran nukes

12-04-05 - Iran's patience running out over nuclear issue

12-04-05 - Third mass grave uncovered in Lebanon The find has come a day after they unearthed 25 decomposed corpses in an eastern town that was the headquarters of Syrian intelligence for three decades.

12-04-05 - Palestinians to Hold Press Conference to Call for Release of the Four CPT Hostages in Iraq

12-04-05 - U.S. policy on Iran called ineffective After new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last month called for Israel's destruction, the leading pro-Israel lobbying group -- the American Israel Public Affairs Committee -- took the unusual step of publicly faulting the U.S. approach. My but how they do whine when America doesn't do Israel's bidding to their liking.

12-04-05 - Iran won't talk to US about Iraq security

12-04-05 - Israel scorns Iran nuclear talks

12-04-05 - Israel voices worry over Iran-Russia missile deal Israel has lambasted Russia over the sale of anti-missile systems to arch-enemy Iran, the latest round of what the local press has dubbed the Iranian-Israeli arms race

12-04-05 - World Prays as Kidnappers Threaten Lives of Christian Peacemakers in Iraq

12-04-05 - Syrian forces clash with militants

12-04-05 - Canada makes an about-face on Mideast "Canada does not share common values with some countries, like Israel, who disregard international law, whose human rights record is clearly questionable and who constantly disregard UN resolutions.
U.N. resolutions are not a buffet where we can pick and choose what suits us. Why are U.N. resolutions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue not implemented?"


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