The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

News for 12-05-05

12-05-05 - Russian Foreign Minister Acknowledges Growing Divergence With U.S

12-05-05 - Iran Plans to Build a Second Nuclear Plant

12-05-05 - U.S. presses Russia on Iran missile deal The United States on Monday said Russia's plans to sell $1 billion in tactical missiles and other arms to Iran would not serve U.S. or regional interests.

12-05-05 - Russia defends Iran missile sale

12-05-05 - Russia Makes Deal to Sell Missiles to Iran

12-05-05 - Syrians quizzed in Hariri probe

12-05-05 - Britain seeks dialogue with Iraq kidnappers

12-05-05 - U.S. not 'well-prepared' for terrorism We're too busy fighting wars on behalf of another nation.

12-05-05 - Drudge, Jerusalem Post sensationalize story about nuclear Iran

12-05-05 - Press Conference of Palestinians Calls for Release of All Civilian Hostages in Iraq; More Solidarity Demonstrations Planned

12-05-05 - 'Urban Myth' ? or Treason? The AIPAC case, however, seems the more likely source, in part because its central figure ? Larry Franklin ? pops up in the Niger uranium narrative at a highly auspicious point in the timeline: according to the Italian daily La Repubblica, he was present at a December 2001 meeting in Rome with the head of Italian military intelligence and two Americans, Michael Ledeen and Harold Rhode, both of whom might be called "instigators" when it comes to the invasion of Iraq ? a meeting previously reported in The Washington Monthly.

12-05-05 - Israel orders two submarines at discount They said despite deep cuts foreseen for Israel?s defence budget, top brass decided the new Dolphin-class submarines were needed to counter long-range threats like Iran, whose nuclear programme has raised fears it is seeking atomic weapons.

12-05-05 - Hostage hopes to be home soon In contrast, retired British professor Norman Kember, 74, and American Tom Fox, 54, are standing chained together, grim-faced, in long-sleeved overalls.

12-05-05 - Iran warns Israel after Netanyahu attack threat

12-05-05 - Netanyahu Backs Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

12-05-05 - U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes

12-05-05 - Iran, Israel and nukes Given the complete failure of Western diplomacy to halt Iran's march toward development of an atomic bomb, it should come as no surprise if Israel has decided to make surviving a nuclear first strike a top priority. The Washington Times is clearly a non-biased source for news, eh?

12-05-05 - Jewish Groups: Time For A Full Accounting of Meetings With Hezbollah Presbys now answer to Jewish groups?

12-05-05 - U.S. presses Palestinians, Syria act on militants Remember this story from 2 days ago -America, Israel Bracing for Violence From Syria? What a coincidence!

12-05-05 - "Getting in the way": Christian peacemakers from the West Bank to Iraq John Lynes was born into a Jewish family in 1928, but had been a committed Quaker for more than fifty years. In Hebron, he said, the CPT was acting as both a witness to the conflict, and a go-between for anyone on either side willing to talk to the others. Lynes conceded that in Hebron such people were not always in ready supply. "The settlers have called me a Nazi", he smiled, "and I'm old enough to remember what a real Nazi was".


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