The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 08, 2005

News for 12-07-05

12-07-05 - Russia hits back at US criticism of Iran arms deal

12-07-05 - China, U.S. in new round of strategic talks Iran, a major energy supplier to China which is locked in an impasse with United States and Europe over its suspected nuclear weapons program, would be raised as "an example of the dangers of proliferation," Ereli said. He said Washington would explain to Beijing "how we see China playing a positive role in that area, and how China might be willing to consider how the rest of the world sees it."

12-07-05 - Iraqi Kidnappers Extend Deadline Two Days

12-07-05 - Major arms cache unearthed in Syria

12-07-05 - Iran nuclear stance invites UN action: EU diplomats

12-07-05 - Syria wants those who misled Mehlis panel to be brought to justice -- envoy

12-07-05 - Britain says it cannot meet Iraq kidnappers' demands

12-07-05 - Syria ready to reopen Israel peace talks

12-07-05 - U.S. gives Israel a large new camp Nachshonim, which covers almost 400 acres, is the third base the United States has built for Israel under an agreement reached during the 1998 Wye River talks with the Palestinian Authority

12-07-05 - Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet'

12-07-05 - Fitzgerald Back Before CIA Leak Grand Jury

12-07-05 - Algeria angers US for blocking UN statement condemning Jihad bombing
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton criticized Algeria for blocking a U.N. Security Council statement blaming Islamic Jihad for a suicide bombing in Israel and urging Syria to shut the militant group's offices in Damascus.

12-07-05 - Government loses key court test of Patriot Act CNN reports that the government had taken separate cases against Arian, including a "years-long secret foreign intelligence probe of the professor's activities," and combined them into one case against him

12-07-05 - Failed case seen as blow to terror war Many Muslim-Americans are hailing the acquittal of former college professor and Palestinian activist Sami al-Arian as a vindication of the US system of justice.

12-07-05 - House urges U.N. to curb Israel-bashing It passed 400-1, with only Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), a vocal critic of Israel, voting against. More legislation for Israel.

12-07-05 - Eric Boehlert: Sami Al-Arian: The Terror Verdict TV Networks Ignored

12-07-05 - Expert: Patriot Act No 'Magic Bullet' The Patriot Act was manufactured to conduct witchhunts for, you shouldn't need anything more than what was already in place if you had probable cause. Those that have embarked on these witchhunts are learning that real Americans (sitting on juries) still need EVIDENCE. Find out who is being prosecuted the most using the PA and you find who is conducting the witchhunts. Hint, haven't seen too many Al Qaeda cases in the US in a long time, eh? Mostly cases having to do with a certain foreign country.


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