The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, December 03, 2005

News for 12-02-05

12-02-05 - Flight logs reveal hundreds of CIA flights to Europe: report

12-02-05 - Hostages will be killed on Thursday unless Iraqi prisoners are freed, say kidnappers

12-02-05 - Kidnappers Threaten to Kill Iraq Hostages

12-02-05 - Hariri probe is stacked against Syria: ambassador

12-02-05 - US government misled over Vietnam War incident

12-02-05 - US lobbies to keep German prosecutor on Hariri case

12-02-05 - Iran and Russia sign $1 bln defense deal: reports The Vedomosti business daily cited military sources as saying Iran would buy 29 TOR-M1 systems designed to bring down aircraft and guided missiles at low altitudes.

12-02-05 - White House CIA leak investigation still ongoing, prosecutor hints Another twist in the case last weekend dented White House hopes the agony could soon be over when Time Magazine said another of its reporters had been called to testify.

12-02-05 - Russia said capable of untouchable missile

12-02-05 - State Department using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers

12-02-05 - Peace Activists Appeal for Release of Abducted Christians in Iraq

12-02-05 - Relations with Syria at 'point of no return': Lebanese MP

12-02-05 - Israel: We prefer Assad Israel told the United States it fears the outcome of regime change in Syria. The United States is given its orders with regard to Syria.

12-02-05 - Canada continues shift toward Israel Upholding international law at the UN = "Israel-bashing", evidently. Israel is above the law and criticism.

12-02-05 - Effort for review of anti-Semitism on campus meeting new resistance The Senate language, inserted in the Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005 and passed by the Senate on Nov. 3, would gut plans to make universities that receive federal funds accountable to the Education Department to the degree that some Jewish groups have sought. They seek to legislate pro-Isreal views on campus.

12-02-05 - AIPAC raps US handling of Iran nukes

12-02-05 - From 1996: Defense Memo Warned of Israeli Spying; 'Ethnic Ties' Charge Draws ADL Rebuke; Drawing on the example of the Pollard case and four other Israeli espionage operations in the United States, the memo said that the country's recruitment techniques include "ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement, and identification and exploitation of individual frailties" of U.S. citizens. "Placing Israeli nationals in key industries . . . is a technique utilized with great success," the memo said.

12-02-05 - Israel Successfully Tests Missile Defense Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said an effective shield is needed in light of Iran's threats against Israel and efforts to develop non-conventional weapons.

12-02-05 - Deep Middle East distrust of US, says poll


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