The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, December 02, 2005

News for 12-01-05

12-01-05 - Bush concern at Iraq 'propaganda' The White House has expressed concern over reports that the US military is planting favourable stories about Iraq in the Baghdad press.

12-01-05 - Analysts Foresee Bleak Road Ahead in Iraq

12-01-05 - US to pull out most of National Guard

12-01-05 - How They Lied Us Into War: Closing in on a 'Funky' Forgery The neocons are crying "McCarthyism" in response to demands that Congress investigate charges that we were lied into war

12-01-05 - Lebanon Wants Assassination Probe Extended

12-01-05 - Syria Demands New Hariri Inquiries

12-01-05 - Iran offers cold comfort for renewed EU nuclear talks Iran's hardline leaders appear more determined than ever to resist Western pressure over their disputed nuclear drive, raising the question of what any new talks with the European Union could actually achieve

12-01-05 - Mehlis slams 'Syrian propaganda'

12-01-05 - Palestinian committees OK?d at U.N. Israel, its supporters and Jewish leaders have also called for the committees to be abolished. "Israel, its supporters" = John Bolton, ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the U.N.

12-01-05 - Sharon hints at Iran strike

12-01-05 - Palestinians offer their help to gain freedom for kidnapped CPTers

12-01-05 - Palestinian bishop seeks mercy for Iraq peace workers "They represent no government; they stand only on their faith and on their refusal to be silent in the face of injustice."

12-01-05 - Former covert Israeli forces 'training Kurds in Iraq' Involvement in the region also gave Israel better access to intelligence from Syria and Iran, particularly Iran's nuclear programme

12-01-05 - Hariri inquiry to question Syrian officials next week: UN official

12-01-05 - Palestinians demonstrate for release of Western activists kidnapped in Iraq

12-01-05 - Israelis trained Kurds in Iraq But that?s not all. Leading Israeli companies in the field of security and counter-terrorism have set up a training camp under the codename Z at a secret location in a desertic region in northern Iraq, where Israeli experts provide training in live fire exercises and self-defense to Kurdish security forces.....Motorola Israel said it is a U.S. company that operates in over 70 countries throughout the world, including in Iraq where it helped set up a cellular phone network and provided communications systems and equipment to Iraqi security forces. See yesterday's article - here and we wonder why Iraqis didn't welcome us with the red carpet treatment.

12-01-05 - Israel will not accept Iran nuclear weapons: Sharon "We must do everything possible to prepare for such a situation. But Israel is not spearheading any campaign" " But Israel is not spearheading any campaign" " - AHHHAHAHAHAHA. That's hilarious.

12-01-05 - Israel to Pressure Iran on Nuke Issue Israel is pressuring US to pressure Iran via AIPAC. See this from yesterday's news.


12-01-05 - The withdrawal from Iraq is coming Whiners complaining of our forthcoming troop withdrawal from Iraq. Watch out for any thing that may prevent this from happening and note who benefits.

12-01-05 - Bolton Says Palestinian Resolutions Demonstrate UN Irrelevance ''If the UN is not in the business of upholding international law, we want to know what kind of business it is involved in,'' Neocon John Bolton is ISRAEL'S new ambassador to the U.N.

12-01-05 - Galloway Under Fire After TV Slur He added: "Almost all politicians in Washington blindly support Israel. Senator Norman Coleman, the senator who was accusing me is the closest friend of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."

12-01-05 - US calls on Iran to return to nuclear talks Israel says 'jump', our government replies 'how high?'.


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