The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

News for 12-06-05

12-06-05 - ElBaradei plays down concern on Iran

12-06-05 - UN probe halts quizzing Syrians Three Syrians will be interviewed on Wednesday after two others were questioned on Monday and allowed to fly back to Syria.

12-06-05 - IAEA can solve Iran's nuclear row with West: Putin "We consider the potential of the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) to resolve all the problems of the Iranian nuclear dossier to be far from exhausted," Putin told reporters after a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

12-06-05 - Mehlis to step down from UN Hariri probe soon: aide "He will certainly be available if required but not as a full-time commissioner."

12-06-05 - A week of Palestinian calls for the release of the CPT hostages in Iraq

12-06-05 - Keep quiet about secret flights to secret jails, Rice tells Europe

12-06-05 - Scores die in Iranian air crash

12-06-05 - CIA moves its prisoners from Europe to North Africa

12-06-05 - Ex-professor cleared on some terror charges In a stinging defeat for prosecutors, a former Florida professor accused of helping lead a terrorist group that has carried out suicide bombings against Israel was acquitted on nearly half the charges against him Tuesday, and the jury deadlocked on the rest.
I wonder if our government could now start spending taxpayer money on hunting down and prosecuting OUR enemies?

12-06-05 - Findley Calls for US Exit from Iraq, New Direction in Middle East Policy

12-06-05 - U-S heightens rhetoric against Syria That accusation comes today from the U-S State Department, which is linking Syria to a Palestinian group that says it's responsible for five terror attacks on Israel.

12-06-05 - Syria boosts accuracy of its Scud D missile

12-06-05 - Red Cross deal on Israel nears but Syrians unhappy However, Syria said it wanted an agreement with the Israelis allowing its first aid teams to operate inside the occupied Golan Heights, indicating it might try to hold up a quick accord by asking the conference to vote on the new emblem.

12-06-05 - New German government opens up to Israel The Bush administration has made every effort to block the German initiative to win a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council based on Schroeder?s categorical refusal to use, even if justified, preemptive military force.

Merkel?s government has shown more openness to discussing ?all options? available ? including the one of using pre-emptive military force, the observers said. In other words, Merkel is willing to shill for the neocons.


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