The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, December 01, 2005

News for 11-30-05

11-30-05 - Bush outlines Iraq 'victory plan' In a major policy speech, Mr Bush refused to set an "artificial deadline" to withdraw US troops, saying it was "not a plan for victory".

11-30-05 - Iran says nuclear talks set to resume

11-30-05 - Syria Fights Back Against U.N. Inquiry

11-30-05 - Iran denies plans for Iraq cooperation with US

11-30-05 - Lebanese official in Hariri murder probe hospitalized

11-30-05 - UN gives up on anti-terrorism treaty by year-end The dispute has centered primarily on how to classify Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli military actions in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza.

11-30-05 - Profile: Christian Peacemaker Teams Volunteers live among the Palestinians, accompanying children to school and ordinary people through Israeli checkpoints.

11-30-05 - Controversy grows in Europe over CIA jail network

11-30-05 - AIPAC slams White House on Iran The American Israel Public Affairs Committee criticized the White House for not pushing the U.N. nuclear watchdog to recommend sanctions for Iran.

11-30-05 - Israel sees Iran nuclear countdown "If, by the end of March, it does not succeed in transferring the issue to the Security Council, it will be possible to say that the diplomatic effort has failed,"

11-30-05 - For Christian hostages, a perilous peace trek Last month, Fox helped lead one of the team's more grueling missions, helping 19 Palestinian refugees who were trying to migrate to Syria because of rising animosity against Palestinians in post-Hussein Iraq. Team members rode with the Palestinians to the Syrian border and camped with them in the desert for a portion of the five weeks it took to get the refugees entry. Fox, who is tall and thin, later joked that the trip had been a great weight-loss program.

11-30-05 - An Interview with Congressman Jim Gerlach PJV: In a recent interview, Gov. Howard Dean, who visited Israel just last month, said that while Israelis were initially happy to see the U.S. remove Saddam Hussein from power, they're starting to disagree with the assessment you just gave. He said there is growing anxiety among Israelis that the war in Iraq has destabilized the region, increased terrorism and emboldened Iran.
Americans being blamed by Israelis for destabilization of the ME. This is rich.

11-30-05 - Sunni clerics call for release of western hostages as humanitarian gesture

11-30-05 - Move to Shrink Palestinian Programmes Spurs Protest A New York newspaper quoted U.S. Ambassador John Bolton as saying that the United States would oppose the adoption of the U.N.'s two-year budget for 2006-2007 until and unless there were wide ranging changes in management, including "the elimination of outdated missions". According to one Arab diplomat, "this is a code word for Palestinian programmes". He said the move to "shrink" the U.N. Division for Palestinian Rights and the proposal to eliminate or downsize the two committees dealing with Palestinian issues are being prompted by two countries: the United States and Israel.

11-30-05 - National security whistle-blowers call for boycott of hearing

11-30-05 - Bomb targets house of Syrian resident in Ain al-Hilweh camp bomb targeted the house of a Syrian resident in the Palestinian Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Sidon on Wednesday. No injuries were reported.

11-30-05 - Germany?s new leader backs Israel Angela Merkel stressed her commitment to the Jewish state and said Iran, whose president recently called for Israel?s destruction, must cooperate with International Atomic Energy Agency inspections See this article from yesterday's news.

11-30-05 - National Guard begins exchange with Israeli forces "We are two nations in a world that is a very, very dangerous place. We are two democracies with a common purpose and common values. There are some things that we can offer to you back in the states, and there are some magnificent opportunities for us over here." Apartheid, as one example, is not an American value, last I checked.


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