The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, November 28, 2005

News for 11-27-05

11-27-05 - Britain opposes Bolton tactic on UN reform Britain has rejected a proposal by John Bolton, America's combative ambassador to the United Nations, to block the upcoming UN budget as a tactic to push throughdisputed reforms.

11-27-05 - US to reach out to Iran in effort to subdue unrest in Iraq

11-27-05 - Rolling Back Syria Syria is expected to eliminate any influence it might still maintain over Lebanon, expel Palestinian factions that oppose the Israeli occupation and prepare to accept Israel?s own interpretation of a suitable resolution to the Occupied Golan Heights conflict.

11-27-05 - US Report Calls on Israel to Begin Nuclear Disarmament This is the correct URL for that PDF file


11-27-05 - Saudi mediation led to UN-Syria deal: Abdullah

11-27-05 - Analysis: Egypt Elections May Worry West For months, the Bush administration has said it is serious about pushing for democracy in the Middle East. It's about to get a serious test of that resolve.

11-27-05 - 2nd Time Reporter to Testify in Leak Case

11-27-05 - Russian analyst: Israel had motivation in the Hariri crime Bogdanov underlined that Israel intends to destabilize Lebanon, replace it with a financial center in the Middle East. It also aims at weakening the positions of Syria and Iran who are two regional states that have big influence in the region.


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