The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, November 26, 2005

News for 11-25-05

11-25-05 - A Feast of Scandal Gee, do you think there may have been something to speculation in this space that Feith's sudden retirement was due to an investigation into possible illegal activities engaged in by his department?

11-25-05 - Iran stands by nuclear enrichment ambition

11-25-05 - UN confirms deal with Syria in Hariri probe

11-25-05 - Uranium enrichment - new red line in Iranian nuclear showdown

11-25-05 - Syria to let UN quiz officials

11-25-05 - Ex-Lebanese Security Head Quizzed in Death

11-25-05 - Aoun: no Palestinian refugees Speaking Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, Aoun said he favored repatriating the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees to their original homes, a solution Israel flatly rejects and that Palestinian officials have backed away from in recent years.

11-25-05 - Al Jazeera seeks answers to US bombing report

11-25-05 - Report: US didn't want Al Qaeda members to testify in Padilla case No citizen taken into custody in the United States should be deprived of those rights as Padilla has been. So the Supreme Court should accept the appeal filed on his behalf last month and answer the question it posed: "Does the president have the power to seize American citizens in civilian settings on American soil and subject them to indefinite military detention without criminal charges or trial?"

11-25-05 - Rafsanjani welcomes IAEA decision

11-25-05 - Arab journalists protest Bush's Al-Jazeera 'bomb plan'

11-25-05 - Hizbollah says has duty to abduct Israeli troops

11-25-05 - Israeli held as Hezbollah spy

11-25-05 - Presbyterians meet with Hezbollah MEMRI said that a delegation of families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks also met with Hezbollah officials. MEMRI=an Israeli-run outfit.

11-25-05 - Egypt's ties with Israel bolster Islamist campaign In Egypt's textile heartland, popular support for the opposition Muslim Brotherhood in the parliamentary election has also fed off anti-Israeli sentiment since the government developed a trade agreement with the Jewish state.


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