The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, July 19, 2007

News for 07-18-07

07-18-07 - Marine guilty of plotting to murder Iraqi civilian A US Marine was on Wednesday found guilty of kidnapping and conspiring to murder an Iraqi civilian killed during a late-night raid outside Baghdad last year.

07-18-07 - UN welcomes 'positive' Iran moves The head of the UN's atomic energy agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, has welcomed Iran's decision to allow inspections of its heavy water reactor at Arak.

07-18-07 - US draws new Iraq-Al Qaeda link The US military on Wednesday added new grist to the Bush administration's claims that the Al Qaeda that American forces are battling in Iraq is an extension of the group that was behind the 9/11 attacks.

07-18-07 - Hagel Says There is Only a Political Solution to the Iraq Problem Hagel=one of the good guys.

07-18-07 - Republicans block Senate's Iraq withdrawal plan Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a personal appearance on Capitol Hill as the vote approached, shuttling between meetings with law-makers, in an apparent bid to bolster the Republican vote. So much for the Iraq Study Group's recommendations.

07-18-07 - 'Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me:' Fitzgerald goes on air Patrick Fitzgerald, the Chicago-based U.S. attorney, will make an appearance on Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!, the Chicago-based Saturday comical hour on National Public Radio. While Fitzgerald plays tiddly winks on NPR, the neocons have gotten away with one of the biggest deceptions this country has ever seen (Iraq). And they're doing it again - only this time, Iran is the target. Too bad Fitz can't bring them to justice (before it's too late).

07-18-07 - How Murdoch had a hotline to the PM in the run-up to Iraq war In 2003, Mr Blair phoned the owner of The Times and The Sun on 11 and 13 March, and on 19 March, the day before Britain and the United States invaded Iraq. The war was strongly supported by Murdoch-owned newspapers around the world.

07-18-07 - New life for Iraq Study Group's plan?

07-18-07 - Cheney's office implies it has executive privilege of its own Weeks after claiming that it was not a part of the executive branch, the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney appears to be readying an independent assertion of executive privilege.

07-18-07 - Rep. condemned for Hitler comparison Reps. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.) called on Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to reprimand Ellison.

07-18-07 - US troop levels in Iraq unsustainable after mid-2008: Powell Powell, a retired four-star general who was President George W. Bush's top diplomat from 2001 to 2005, and was the military's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff during 1989-1993, also called on Washington to find a way to talk with the powerful Palestinian group Hamas, despite its alleged terror links. Bring back Powell. The neocons may have duped him into giving that speech, but Powell's credibility remains intact, at least to me it does.

07-18-07 - Militants say ready to talk to end Lebanon fighting The Islamist militant group battling Lebanese troops at a Palestinian refugee camp said on Wednesday it was willing to resume talks to end the fighting, a move that came after it lost ground in a two-month-old battle.

07-18-07 - Judge dismisses all charges in Chinca's Market case In dismissing multiple counts of attempted receiving stolen property Tuesday, the judge said testimony in the case suggested the real focus of the investigation was not about cigarettes, but the store owner's "connection to his Palestinian homeland, his practice of the Muslim religion, and relationship with other Middle Eastern shopkeepers in Butte County. Thus does the FBI continue to do the bidding of the Israeli lobby.

07-18-07 - Syrian envoy to UN: Israel fabricating evidence against us Bashar Ja'afari told Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that Syria protests the fact that the UN "adopted the fabricated claims that it received by Israeli intelligence sources." Why not? The US does.

07-18-07 - McCain supports war in speech to evangelical supporters John McCain told Christian evangelical supporters of Israel that withdrawing troops from Iraq now would be "one of the most catastrophic and consequential disasters for this nation." .....McCain said backing the Democratic-sponsored measure and withdrawing would be to "declare defeat and allow al-Qaida to obtain victory." Staying and stabilizing Iraq could help ensure the safety of Israel and the Middle East, he said, winning loud applause. As to the first part of the excerpt: which nation? Clearly he has Israel confused with the one he was elected to represent: America.

07-18-07 - ?Not One Inch? Still Alive And Well The group also heard emotional calls to action on Iran; Hagee has openly called for pre-emptive war to end that country?s nuclear program.

07-18-07 - Our soldiers pay the price In 1948 America cast the deciding vote in the U.N. permanent Security Council to partition the nation of Palestine to create a homeland for the Jews spread around the world. We will be paying for that mistake forever, for being staunch supporters of Israel.

07-18-07 - U.N. envoy says arms smuggling threatens Lebanon peace Syria's ambassador Bashar Ja'afari denied Syria was funnelling weapons over the border. He accused Israel of violating the resolution through overflights which he said provided intelligence on the alleged smuggling.

07-18-07 - 5 dead in fighting in Lebanon Four Lebanese soldiers were killed as Lebanese troops battled militants Wednesday inside a northern Palestinian refugee camp, a senior military official said. A teenager was later killed by a militant rocket.

07-18-07 - US skeptical about French fence-mending trip to Syria The United States expressed skepticism Wednesday over France's decision to send a top diplomat for talks with Syria, Washington's arch enemy.

07-18-07 - This flurry of Middle East activity is the product of a very real threat: Iran ** As the Guardian reported this week, the notion of military action to prevent a nuclear Iran is under serious consideration in the White House - with Bush apparently leaning towards Dick Cheney's view that it may be necessary to use force before they leave office in January 2009. The flock of US presidential candidates are all at pains not to rule out military action and so, strikingly, was David Miliband in his first interview as foreign secretary.

07-18-07 - Sun editor wants Black columns The editor of the New York Sun invited media mogul Conrad Black, now a convicted felon, to write for the newspaper from prison. One Israel-supporter(neocon, same thing) washes the back of another. How charming.


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