The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News for 07-09-07

07-09-07 - The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness Many of these veterans returned home deeply disturbed by the disparity between the reality of the war and the way it is portrayed by the US government and American media. The way that they are treating Iraqi families which is described on page 2 is exactly what the IDF does to Palestinian families. These similarities, and others, are probably not a coincidence. Be prepared for the orgy of abuse described in the article.

07-09-07 - Iranian police raid pro-democracy group Iranian police and plainclothes security agents broke up a sit-in marking Monday's anniversary of a bloody raid on a Tehran university dormitory, then stormed the offices of the country's main pro-democracy student group, student leaders said.

07-09-07 - Iran arrests 20 on spying allegations

07-09-07 - Iranian president seeks more U.S. talks Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday that Iran is ready to hold more talks with the United States over stabilizing Iraq, the state-run news agency reported.

07-09-07 - IAEA chief says Iran slowing work on uranium enrichment Iran has scaled back its uranium enrichment program, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said yesterday, suggesting the move on the part of Tehran could signal willingness to resolve the international standoff over its nuclear defiance.

07-09-07 - US Iraq chief warns of long war The head of US forces in Iraq, General David Petraeus, has told the BBC that fighting the insurgency is a "long term endeavour" which could take decades.

07-09-07 - '140,000' Turkish soldiers line Iraq border

07-09-07 - Bush denies Congress access to key aides President Bush invoked executive privilege Monday to deny requests by Congress for testimony from former White House aides Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers.

07-09-07 - Only 133 Iraqi refugees allowed in US so far this year

07-09-07 - Powell tried to talk Bush out of war THE former American secretary of state Colin Powell has revealed that he spent 2½ hours vainly trying to persuade President George W Bush not to invade Iraq and believes today?s conflict cannot be resolved by US forces.

07-09-07 - Al Qaeda threatens to 'annihilate' Iran Psyops of some intelligence agency to get some cross border action and thus the pretext to strike Iran?

07-09-07 - Satellite pics indicate tunneling near Iran nuke site: think tank Since when do we rely on 'thinktanks' to provide us with intelligence? A mite suspect.

07-09-07 - Israel luring Iranians with cash ** Israel is using cash incentives to encourage Jewish immigration from Iran.
An expatriate group of Iranian Jewish donors is behind a $1 million fund offering $10,000 to each Jew willing to leave the Islamic Republic for the Jewish state, according to media reports. WHY? Know something we don't?

07-09-07 - Prescribing World Terrorism The increasing deaths of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ongoing agonies of Palestine, have enraged the Muslim world against the West. To investigate the motive does not justify the motive, but it must be investigated nonetheless. That's the way criminal investigations work. Terrorists and would be terrorists should not be appeased. But certainly, if our taxpayer dollars are supporting another kind of terrorism - then it should be stopped irrespective of any terrorism against us as a cause of our support.

07-09-07 - Conyers: Libby Might Have Talked House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. spoke of ?the general impression? that Bush commuted I. Lewis ?Scooter? Libby Jr.?s 2 1/2 -year sentence last week in the CIA leak case to keep Libby quiet.

07-09-07 - POLITICS-US: Neo-Cons Try to Rally, Bully Republicans After his speech, Lugar became a focus of neo-conservative wrath, with Kristol describing his address as a "case study in pseudo-thoughtfulness, full of cheek-puffing and chin-pulling" and Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) accusing him of "sound(ing) more like an investor rebalancing his portfolio, selling Iraq and buying Israel-Palestine, than a man thinking about strategy in war."

07-09-07 - One year on: Lebanon political paralysis Martin Asser has returned to Lebanon, a year after covering the war between Hezbollah and Israel for the BBC News website. His series of articles are examining how the country has fared since that conflict.

07-09-07 - Heavy fighting at Lebanese camp

07-09-07 - ABC host tells Paul, Gravel they have no chance to win Stephanopoulos then asked Paul, "What's success for you in this campaign?" but cut off the start of Paul's response, "Well, to win ..." with an interjected "That's not going to happen!"

07-09-07 - Sarkozy vows to use all power at disposal to free captive IDF troops

07-09-07 - Israel pumping Syrian water to Kinneret ? experts For years Israel has been pumping water from springs in the Golan Heights to the shrinking Sea of Galilee, depriving Syria of major water resources, experts said Sunday. They steal water from Palestinians too.

07-09-07 - 'New rules for new wars' The Herzliya conference will be followed by a meeting in Washington DC in October, in which experts in international law and national security are expected to list recommendations for reforming international law on warfare. Actually, HRW found this claim by Israel that Hezbollah was using human shields bogus. In fact, last fall Israel was again caught on film (AP) doing that very thing.

07-09-07 - AJC Delegation in Lisbon Discusses Mideast Policy with New Leadership of the European Union "Our meetings with Portuguese officials - on the common threats posed by Iran's nuclear program and its support for terrorism, on Israel's quest for peace and the grave challenge posed by Palestinian leadership struggles, and on the urgency of confronting Islamist radicalism - were open and constructive," It's a big conspiracy theory that the Israel lobby tries to control world politics.

07-09-07 - Israel's Olmert invites Syria's Assad for direct talks Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in a television interview on Monday invited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for direct talks "wherever he wants."

07-09-07 - Israel, Italy reiterate call to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb

07-09-07 - Lebanon war shredded US clout in Mideast "But what the war did was reinforce a growing perception in the region that the US will stand by Israel no matter what." Nothing new.

07-09-07 - 10 Saudi Islamists killed in Lebanon unrest

07-09-07 - Miliband to be tough on Iran and close to US He also refused to rule out military actions against Iran, in an apparent hardening of opinion.


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