The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, July 15, 2007

News for 07-14-07

07-14-07 - Soldier Gets Self Shot in Leg to Avoid Returning to Iraq A soldier who recently returned from Iraq has admitted he paid someone $500 to shoot him in the leg so he could avoid returning for another tour.

07-14-07 - S Korean ship 'sinks off Iran' Seyed Masih Momeni said the ship had been carrying iron to Iran from China.

07-14-07 - Air Force quietly building Iraq presence

07-14-07 - Russia pulls out of arms-control treaty Putin has in the past threatened to freeze his country's compliance with the treaty, accusing the United States and its NATO partners of undermining regional stability with U.S. plans for a missile defense system in former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe.

07-14-07 - US troops tell magazine about 'brutal side' of Iraq war only the Los Angeles Times daily had written about The Nation's issue, which on Saturday continued to go unreported by the country's main television stations and newspapers.

07-14-07 - Taliban leader promises bigger terrorist attacks

07-14-07 - US troops find Iranian rockets aimed at Iraq base

07-14-07 - Republicans press Bush over Iraq

07-14-07 - Neocon Bill Kristol expects Bush to attack Pakistan

07-14-07 - Is War With Iran Inevitable? ** hunker down, get ready for the coming storm ? prepare yourself for gas prices that will make it impossible to drive without taking out a bank loan ? and, most importantly, stay online. Because the first news of the Big War will be headlined right here on ? along with a thorough debunking of the alleged "incident" that sparks it.

07-14-07 - France hosts Lebanon crisis talks Among the participants are also representatives from the opposition Shia group Hezbollah. Hezbollah sent its team despite complaints from French Jewish groups who have branded the group a terrorist organisation.

07-14-07 - A history with Iran There is also the continued blind support America has given to Israel in every step of their outrageous and self-destructive oppression of the Palestinian people. We have been bombing, interfering with and disrespecting the nations of the Middle East for 50 years.


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