The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 16, 2007

News for 07-15-07

07-15-07 - Most foreign insurgents in Iraq are Saudis: report Most foreign fighters and suicide bombers in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia, despite attempts by US officials to portray Syria and Iran as the main culprits of violence, a US newspaper reported Sunday.

07-15-07 - Hadley Says Bush Won't Budge on Reassessing Iraq Plan (Update1)

07-15-07 - U.S. is building database on Iraqis

07-15-07 - Don't Delay: US Out of Iraq Now by Rep. Ron Paul ** We have no guarantee the new strategy demanded by this legislation would not actually expand our military activities to Iran and Syria and beyond. I urge my colleagues to reject this legislation and put forth an effective strategy to end the war in Iraq and to bring our troops home.

07-15-07 - Bush to offer new support for Palestinians: Hadley President George W. Bush is expected to outline Monday new US support for the beleaguered Palestinian government, a senior White House official said Sunday.

07-15-07 - The Politico?s Brazen Lies About Ron Paul Neocons, the Israeli lobby, fear Paul's rising stardom because Paul dares to put America's interests first. All of the other candidates have made the customary kowtow to AIPAC, and threaten Iran with military action in obeisance to the lobby.

07-15-07 - More NeoCrazy Media Sycophancy Russia and China, as well as France and the United Kingdom, will "provide immediate assistance" to Iran if it "is a victim of an act, or an object of a threat of, aggression in which nuclear weapons are used."

07-15-07 - Lebanon army advances into camp, 100th soldier dies Lebanese troops advanced for the first time on Sunday into a Palestinian refugee camp as they battled al Qaeda-inspired militants, and two soldiers were killed raising the military death toll to 100.

07-15-07 - Islamists fire rockets as Lebanese army pounds hideouts Islamist fighters on Sunday fired rockets from their holdout in a battered refugee camp in Lebanon where the army has been battling to crush them for eight weeks, police said.

07-15-07 - Kristol Gazing: The Media Pundit From the Right, Who Is Always Wrong

07-15-07 - Kidnapped Israeli troops 'alive' France's foreign minister says he has heard that two Israeli soldiers seized in a Hezbollah raid over the Lebanese border last year are still alive.

07-15-07 - Inside Track: Rudy?s New Foreign Policy Posse by Philip Giraldi ** Podhoretz has recently called on the United States to bomb Iran and he describes the current situation?pitting Washington against what he describes as "the Islamofascist threat"?as World War IV.

07-15-07 - Report: Iran has 600 targets for missile strike in Israel if attacked ** Iran's warning refers to talk in Israel and the United States of a possible military strike to prevent the Islamic republic from attaining nuclear capability. Various channels delivered the Iranian message, which also warns against an attack on Syria.

07-15-07 - USA TODAY prints falsehood, Refuses to run retraction W
e think USA TODAY owes it to these dead young servicemen,
to their sisters and mothers, and to the American public, to report this
incident accurately. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty has profound
geopolitical significance. Readers need full, unfiltered information.


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