The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, July 12, 2007

News for 07-11-07

07-11-07 - Government report: Al Qaeda strongest since September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda is the strongest it has been since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a new U.S. government analysis concludes, according to a senior government official who has seen it. As we sink deeper into the clusterf#k that is the war on Iraq, Al Qaeda has gathered strength. Invading Iraq didn't make us any more safe. In fact, it's just the opposite.

07-11-07 - Republicans block US troop rest plan US Senate Republicans have blocked a proposal to give American troops in Iraq more rest from battle, as Democrats renewed their attempts to change President George W Bush's Iraq policy.

07-11-07 - Turkey not ruling out military response to Kurdish rebels: ambassador

07-11-07 - Boehner Calls Iraq Defectors in GOP 'Wimps'

07-11-07 - By freeing Libby, Bush protects himself

07-11-07 - West will fail, says ex-CIA operative AS PESSIMISM grows in the US about Iraq, the American commander there has warned that the war will take many years to win and a former top CIA officer has told a Sydney conference that defeat is inevitable in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

07-11-07 - Palestinian civilians flee Lebanon refugee camp The last remaining Palestinian civilians in a militant-held refugee camp in north Lebanon fled today in anticipation of a final assault by the Lebanese army.

07-11-07 - 'US hasn't yet grasped Iran threat' ** Ilan Berman, speaking at the Conservative Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, said that the US hasn't made that choice because it "hasn't yet grasped the fundamental threat to American interests" posed by Iran. That also leads to some divergence between America and Israel in their sense of urgency and "how much time is left" for dealing with Iran, he said. Heritage Foundation - another neocon 'thinktank'. The problem with this assessment: the American national interest isn't threatened by Iran. Israel's is. Consequently, Israel wants US to take out Iran (like we took out Saddam, their previous primary threat).

07-11-07 - Brown downplays Iraq terror link Gordon Brown has said Britain would be under threat from al-Qaeda terrorists "irrespective" of the war in Iraq.

07-11-07 - Lieberman: US will back Israeli strike on Iran ** Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that he received the tacit blessing of Europe and the United States for an Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

07-11-07 - Oil prices fall back from highs

07-11-07 - UN commander in Golan 'worried by Israel's actions' According to him, the Syrians have not stationed any special forces in the area next to the border that would be capable of launching a surprise attacking against Israel. "On the Syrian side I do not notice any unusual preparations," he says. "On the Israeli side, however, we see intensive activity? Israel's right to defend itself is self-understood, but its current activities do not contribute to the efforts to diminish the tensions in the region? The actions on Israel's side are not very helpful when it comes to calming the Syrians down."

07-11-07 - Analysis: Rumors of Syria-Israel war Dennis Ross, a former senior U.S. Middle East peace negotiator, was quoted by an Israeli newspaper as saying he thinks "there is a risk of war" between Syria and Israel in the summer. Ross told YnetNews, Yedioth Ahronoth's Internet edition, that "no one has made any decisions, but the Syrians are positioning themselves for war." According to the Austrian UN official, Israel is exaggerating the Syrian threat, and is itself engaging in belligerent behavior. This is reminiscent of the atmosphere in the runup to the Six Day War. So the question then becomes: why does Israel want to attack Syria? This is what they seem to be leading up to. Well, it may be because they didn't really win last year's war with Hezbollah. And being as though this would be a war with another STATE, and thus not a more difficult guerilla war, they may actually succeed in beating up on Syria - a nation whose military isn't the biggest threat in the world. It would be equivalent to shooting fish in a barrel in order to a) make yourself feel better, and b)attempt to instill fear in those pesky uppity Arabs who may suddenly feel heartened by Hezb's successes of last year. In other words, Israel may want to pick out some small weak Arab country to slap around a bit in order to make an example out of them.

07-11-07 - Fear and fragile peace: a long-suffering people prepare for a new war Israeli bombing raids had deliberately targeted bridges and roads, and in a departing act, dropped 4m cluster bombs on orange orchards and farms in the final hours of the war. Some 120,000 have since been recovered, according to the mine-clearing taskforce operated by the UN and Lebanese authorities.

07-11-07 - A son waits to join Hizbullah to avenge shattered family On July 23 last year, an Israeli tank missile burst through the roof of a hired white van, killing three of the family's members and inflicting lifelong injuries on the dozen survivors.

07-11-07 - Soldier shot dead at Lebanon camp A Lebanese soldier has died in fighting with Islamist militants under siege for weeks at a refugee camp in Lebanon.

07-11-07 - Christians petition against Iran The pro-Israel group says the United Nations must take stronger measures to confront Iran?s nuclear program and its president?s incitement to genocide against Israel. Those being the Christian Zionists. The REAL Christians - ie, the ones that do work that is the most Christ-like - are over in Hebron helping protect the Palestinians from Israeli soldier and settler violence.

07-11-07 - Sarkozy petitioned on Hezbollah Nearly 100 U.S. congressman urged France?s president to add Hezbollah to the European Union?s list of terrorist groups.

07-11-07 - Senior Men to learn more of U.S. Middle East ?problem? Dr. Gerteiny explains how anti-Western Islämism is reactive to a U.S. Middle East policy inordinately influenced by the Evangelical and Jewish Zionist lobbies.

07-11-07 - Palestinian cleared of US terror charges sentenced to jail Salah was found guilty of obstruction of justice for lying under oath when he was sued, along with Hamas and others, by the parents of a US student killed in an attack in Israel for which Hamas claimed responsibility.
Convicted of same crime Libby was. No sentence commutation from Bush for this man?

07-11-07 - Lebanese PM urges unity on war anniversary

07-11-07 - Amnesty faults Israel, Lebanon on war Amnesty said more than 1,000 civilians were killed in the 34-day war. Since then, 24 more people have been killed in south Lebanon by explosions of cluster munitions fired by Israel during the war, the group said in a statement.

07-11-07 - Shebaa Farms report does not determine sovereignty: Ban That contradicted a senior Israeli official who said on Wednesday that a UN cartographer has determined for the first time that the Shebaa Farms, long the centre of a territorial dispute, belong to Lebanon.

07-11-07 - A year after war, Israelis resilient The irony - a year later as Lebanon still lays in ruins thanks to Israel's largescale destruction of the nation - Israel's economy is 'booming' and Israelis are 'resilient'. Neither Hezbollah nor Lebanon were ever a threat to Israel's existence. Israel gets away scotfree after destroying another Arab nation. Not one Israeli shekel went to Lebanon's reconstruction. Same goes for that of the Palestinians. ANother stark difference between America and Israel.

07-11-07 - Beijing backs Syrian Golan claim


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