The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

News for 07-02-07

07-02-07 - A Declaration of Independence from Israel U.S. foreign policy, especially under the current Bush administration, has become little more than an extension of Israeli foreign policy. And if that doesn't change very soon - it will likely spell our demise, not from terrorism but from the exceedingly costly wars fought on Israel's behalf in the Middle East (as one example).

07-02-07 - Bush steps in to commute Libby's prison term BS of the highest order.

07-02-07 - US links Iran to attack in Iraq The US military in Iraq has accused Iran of orchestrating an attack that killed five US soldiers and of using Lebanese militants to train insurgents. Making the case for war.

07-02-07 - Bush and Congress locked in power dispute "We've seen a push by Vice President Cheney to reverse everything that happened in the 1970s and fully restore the powers of the presidency. Now, Congress is responding to what he has done,"

07-02-07 - Bush?s Missile Defense Radar Plan Riles Czechs ?We?re trapped between warring giants,? said Josef Skuhra, 57, a village maintenance worker.

07-02-07 - Iraq invasion strengthened the militants Car bombs have almost as long a history as the car. What has changed since the invasion of Iraq is that bombers targeting civilian targets in the West now have a popular base and access to expertise in the Sunni community of Iraq.

07-02-07 - Warmth but little progress at US-Russian summit Mr Putin repeated his proposal that a Russian facility in Azerbaijan be used, close to the border with Iran - the threat the US system is supposed to cope with.

07-02-07 - Taliban 'using civilians as human shields' Same BS the IDF employs. Not a coincidence.

07-02-07 - Tenet's Blind Eye WHIG launched that very day its "public relations campaign," featuring radio and TV appearances involving Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and others, all citing the Gordon-Miller article and all warning about the danger of Saddam's "smoking gun coming in the shape of a mushroom-shaped cloud." When will those that participated in the pretense for war be brought to justice? Do we not owe it to the families of those soldiers killed in Iraq?

07-02-07 - Iran launches English TV channel Press TV, based in Tehran but with 26 correspondents around the world, says it aims to break a "stranglehold" it says the West has over world media.

07-02-07 - Lieberman: Iran has declared war on the US ** Some neoconservatives believe that Lieberman's hard line stance on Iran will ultimately make US military action against that country easier for the White House to sell.

07-02-07 - IRAQ: UNHCR calls for evacuation of seriously ill Palestinian children The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called for an immediate evacuation of at least a dozen seriously ill Palestinians, mostly children who are stuck in Baghdad and in a makeshift camp on the Iraq-Syria border. The agency said the children could die if they are not evacuated.

07-02-07 - Japan to provide $700,000 in aid to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon The aid will be disbursed through the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East to provide the refugees with shelter and other basic necessities, the ministry said.

07-02-07 - Venezuela deepens ties with Iran Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, have launched construction of a joint petrochemical plant in Iran.

07-02-07 - How Leahy tried, and failed, to downgrade aid to Israel Today, when the National Jewish Democratic Council convenes some reporters in a conference call with Jewish legislators, they had better be prepared to answer questions not just about the Republican decision to oppose aid to Israel, but also about their own Democratic head of subcommittee, who tried to downgrade the aid in an unprecedented way......Leahy, truth must be told, was not going to hurt Israel financially. It would have gotten the aid one way or the other......Bottom line: Israel has many friends in this subcommittee.....Those friends, some alarmed by outside observers (AIPAC never sleeps), told Leahy they didn't like what they were seeing.....Democrats might say: Leahy is just one Senator. We, as a party, didn't try to harm Israel in any way, and some of our members were instrumental in blocking Leahy. Note the source.

07-02-07 - Israeli-style airport checks urged Security experts have called for Israeli-style vehicle checkpoints at British airports in response to Saturday's attempted suicide bombing at Glasgow airport that brought chaos to terminals yesterday.

07-02-07 - Ahmadinejad snubs Oliver Stone Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was surprisingly camera-shy when his extrovert persona drew the attention of Hollywood, turning down a request by Oliver Stone, the director of JFK, Nixon and Platoon, to make a documentary film about him.

07-02-07 - Solana suggests Iran behind Gaza and Lebanon attacks

07-02-07 - Palestinians seek to end Lebanon camp siege

07-02-07 - Sneh: We must do more to isolate Iran Israel and the US, he said, do not have any joint plan to tackle the Iranian threat. "Some projects take longer than others?we don't have the necessary resources to meet this threat properly. A country under this kind of threat has to get its priorities straight," he added

07-02-07 - U.S. Losing War on Terror, Say Americans That's because we're not fighting the war on terror. If we were, we'd get the Israelis out of our government. Iraq had nothing to do with 911, neither does Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, or Syria. But judging from the rhetoric coming from our legislators and media, you wouldn't know that. As we approach Independence Day, pay heed to George Washington's parting words.

07-02-07 - ?Sanctions Are Preferable to War?


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