The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, July 05, 2007

News for 07-04-07

07-04-07 - Tom Paine's 4th of July Advice for Congress Our ragtag army beat the best military force in the world. In today's world, our men would've been called 'terrorists', 'insurgents' - and I'm sure they would be alleged to 'hide among the civilian population'. But when freedom is your cause - particularly freedom from a hostile foreign military presence on your soil - it can be a very powerful force to be reckoned with. So the British discovered some 200 years back. Happy Fourth, Limeys! Oh I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yankee Doodle do or die..

07-04-07 - Ratings for Bush, Congress sink lower Maybe because Americans are finally realizing that Congress and the office of the president do not represent their interests. In other words: there is taxation without representation. Wait, where have I heard that phrase before, mewonders?

07-04-07 - Private Contractors Outnumber US Troops in Iraq The number of U.S.-paid private contractors in Iraq now exceeds that of American combat troops, newly released figures show, raising fresh questions about the privatization of the war effort and the government?s capacity to carry out military and rebuilding campaigns. Say, I wonder how many neocons are in the private contractor business?...

07-04-07 - A gauge of Iran's hand in Iraq The new US charges, however, come amid others in recent months that many experts consider exaggerated, including an Iranian role in making armor-piercing roadside bombs. "There's been a clear attempt by the Americans over the past year to eliminate Hizbullah through war, diplomacy, and political means. It's very clear to me this is another attempt," says Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, of the Carnegie Endowment's Middle East Center in Beirut.

07-04-07 - Russia hints is ready to move missiles to EU border Russia hinted on Wednesday it may station missiles in its most westerly region bordering EU members Poland and Lithuania, if the United States does not cooperate over plans for a European missile shield.

07-04-07 - Crude Above $71 Oil prices rebounded Monday from early declines to settle above $71 for the first time in 10 months as traders focused on a refinery outage in Kansas and new accusations about Iran's role in Lebanon and Iraq.

07-04-07 - The High Cost of Libby?s Silence With the prison sentence gone, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald loses his leverage over Libby. I thought I read somewhere that Fitzgerald was well known for flipping the little guy to get the big guy. The big guy in this case would be Cheney.

07-04-07 - House Balks at Bush Order for New Powers The House measure ?stops this president or any president from seizing the power to rewrite almost every law that Congress passes, laws that protect public health, the environment, safety, civil rights, privacy and on and on,? said Rep. Brad Miller, D-N.C., its sponsor.

07-04-07 - Police link suspects held over failed attacks

07-04-07 - Independence Day for Libby Which neocon 'thinktank' will he reappear at next, the Hudson Institute, the AEI, the Brookings Institute, WINEP, etc?

07-04-07 - Consider the Source: 'NYT' Reporter Targets Iran As if he hadn?t done enough damage already, helping to promote the American invasion of Iraq with deeply flawed articles in The New York Times, Michael R. Gordon is now writing scare stories that offer ammunition for the growing chorus of neo-cons calling for a U.S. strike against Iran ? his most recent effort appearing just this morning.

07-04-07 - Beyond Recklessness In the midst of this unmanageable chaos, Vice President Cheney, Bush's former UN ambassador John Bolton, and the rest of the War Party are demanding that the U.S. attack Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

07-04-07 - Blue Streak: Message Sent by Bush's Commutation of Libby's Prison Sentence In Cleveland, the widely respected leader of the Muslim mosque, active for years in interfaith cooperation, was convicted of a single count of making a false statement on his immigration papers, sentenced to prison and then deported. The Appeals Court affirmed, in United States v. Damrah, and last time I checked, the cleric who had rabbis testifying in his defense was being held in a Palestinian prison. The same tactic is being used against other Muslims across the country who have never provided aid to terrorists, never supported terrorist organizations and have even less reason than Mr. Libby, a lawyer with the best counsel money can buy, to know that the way to avoid prosecution is by simply not answering a question.
Hard to believe that this appears on Fox.

07-04-07 - New al-Qaida calls for jihad Al-Qaida's No. 2 has issued a new video calling on Muslims to unite in jihad, or holy war, and support the Islamist movement in Iraq, a U.S.-based intelligence monitoring group said Wednesday......He cautioned the Saudis against backing the "Zionist Crusade led by America" in the Middle East.

07-04-07 - Palestinians in Lebanon siege camp running out of supplies

07-04-07 - Three Islamists killed as Lebanon army repulses attack Three Islamist fighters were killed as the Lebanese army repulsed an attack inside a Palestinian camp in northern Lebanon, security sources said on Wednesday.

07-04-07 - Israel army stages Golan war games The Israeli army on Wednesday concluded week-long war games in the Golan Heights amid heightened tensions with Syria which claims the occupied territory as part of any future peace agreement.

07-04-07 - Jordanian suspects 'gifted students' who fell in love Both are of Palestinian descent, their families hailing from the West Bank City of Hebron......"I saw him in the summer of 2006 on a visit to Jordan. He seemed really influenced by Islamist ideologies in Britain, even physically he looked different with a long beard, looking like an Islamist extremist," The irony.

07-04-07 - S Korean soldiers set to leave for Lebanon About 60 South Korean combat soldiers will leave for Lebanon later Wednesday to prepare for the deployment of a peacekeeping force, defence officials said.

07-04-07 - Investigate army shooting of Palestinian demonstrators The Lebanese government should launch an impartial investigation into a violent attack last week on Palestinian demonstrators by army forces and Lebanese civilians that left two Palestinians dead and at least 28 injured, Human Rights Watch said today


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