The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, July 02, 2007

News for 07-01-07

07-01-07 - Iran reviews nuclear "time out" idea: official Iran is reviewing a "time out" proposal to stop its uranium enrichment expansion in return for a halt to further U.N. sanctions, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

07-01-07 - Iran 'baring its teeth' in Afghanistan, officials say The government is in a difficult position: it is unwilling to sour relations with another neighbour or become involved in the heated US-Iran dispute, but it is also afraid Afghanistan will again become a battleground for more powerful nations.

07-01-07 - Iran to join Latin American trade deal Iran plans to join a Latin American initiative designed to counter U.S.-led efforts for free trade in the region, the Web site of the Iranian president's office reported Sunday as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez visited the country.

07-01-07 - Doctor arrested over British attacks: reports

07-01-07 - Ron Paul draws nearly 600 after presidential forum he spoke to more than 600 supporters less than 100 feet away from a forum that saw six of his fellow GOP candidates address more than 800 at the forum.

07-01-07 - Bush seeks Putin's help to block Iran's nuclear plans

07-01-07 - Syria slams latest US pressure as 'error'

07-01-07 - US consumers pay highest energy bills in decades Energy is now sucking money out of Americans' bank accounts at a record level ? hitting $612 billion at an annual rate in the month of April, the last month of data It need not. Wind and solar power are a largely untapped renewable energy resource that Americans aren't making use of.

07-01-07 - Moyers on Murdoch Instead of checking the excesses of private and public power, these 21st century barons of the First Amendment revel in them; the public be damned. Murdoch - owner of Fox News (among others) - is staunchly pro-Israel and his news programs on that channel reflect that.

07-01-07 - Concern mounts for Palestinians in Lebanon siege camp Relief workers appealed to the Lebanese army on Sunday for access to hundreds of refugees inside a besieged Palestinian camp, six weeks into a battle between soldiers and Islamists.

07-01-07 - Iran unhappy about Blair's Middle East envoy job Iran criticized on Sunday Tony Blair's appointment as Middle East peace envoy but welcomed his successor as British prime minister, Gordon Brown.

07-01-07 - Lieberman Uses Foiled British Terror Plot To Push For Greater U.S. Domestic Spying

07-01-07 - These conspiracy 'rumors' true Before we deride wild-eyed theories by Middle Easterners, we ought to take a good look at the sheepishness with which the American media and people have followed the outlandish theories of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

07-01-07 - Essays attempt to explain Syria's role as a hot spot To this author, might equals right in the Middle East. Time and again Rubin reminds readers that Israel won most major armed conflicts against the Arabs (in 1948, 1967 and 1973), and because of that, resistance is futile. Having a progressive and technologically advanced society such as Israel's, Rubin insists, is the only way for Arab countries to move forward. Yet he fails to mention that this very society also is a violent occupying force restricting the freedom of movement of millions of Palestinians and depriving them of rights as basic as access to health care.


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