The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, May 14, 2007

News for 05-13-07

05-13-07 - US general warns against torture If the US wants to win in Iraq it must keep the "moral high ground", he said.

05-13-07 - US ?home-grown? terrorists multiply The US is seeing a growth in the number of ?home-grown? terrorist plots that have no connection with overseas groups such as al-Qaeda, says Robert Mueller, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kind of sends the theory of 'fighting them over there rather than on US soil' right down the crapper, doesn't it?

05-13-07 - CBS fires consultant Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad; 'We went to war with a fatally flawed strategy' Retired Army Major Gen. John Batiste has been asked to leave his position as a consultant to CBS News over a new advertisement criticizing the Iraq war. The ad was produced by the group VoteVets

05-13-07 - Iran admits detaining US academic Ms Esfandiari, one of Washington's best known Iran experts, was visiting Tehran to see her 93-year-old mother.

05-13-07 - U.S., Iran talks to focus on Iraqi security

05-13-07 - Iran president on tour of Persian Gulf states, seeks security pact Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left Sunday for Abu Dhabi for a three-day state visit, the first ever by an Iranian president to the United Arab Emirates.

05-13-07 - Cheney to wrap up Middle East tour in Jordan ** Cheney's visit comes as Washington has repeatedly accused Tehran of sending fighters and equipment into Iraq, where they have been targeting US and Iraqi security forces, and stepped up pressure on the Islamic republic over its nuclear programme.

05-13-07 - Britain's PM-to-be Brown hints at steady foreign policy ** Responding to a question posed by Meacher about whether he would support the United States if it were to attack its foe Iran, Brown said it was not about committing to a position beforehand.

05-13-07 - US balancing act in dealing with Iran ** Aaron David Miller, a former US State Department adviser on Mideast issues to both Republican and Democratic administrations, said the diplomatic dance between Washington and Tehran is a difficult and high-stakes one, especially for Saudi Arabia. "The Saudis understand that if we end up with a crisis with Iran, either because the Israelis or the Americans use military force, that they're going to be extremely vulnerable to Iranian retaliation - particularly if the Israelis use Iraqi, Saudi or Jordanian air space, which they would have to,"

05-13-07 - Bill Kristol: 'Stupid, dishonorable' Republicans wavering on Iraq What would Kristol know of Republicans? He's a neocon.

05-13-07 - MEDIA BLACKOUT BOOSTS PAUL CAMPAIGN America deserves to be rescued from big-state liberals and neocons. It seems that the under-funded and overtly shunned Dr. Paul is now well on his way to accomplish his goal, thanks to the very blackout that was intended to block him out of the minds of Americans.

05-13-07 - Bipartisan bill bans warrantless wiretapping of US citizens

05-13-07 - Tenet v. Perle II

05-13-07 - The Moral Obligation to Lose The War It is my deepest belief that the only good that may come from this disgraceful time in our history, will be the honest acknowledgement of how and why the country was mislead, followed by punishment for those responsible Same here. Further, if you don't punish these people for what they did, then what's to stop them from doing it again (which they are doing at present)?

05-13-07 - Tenet?s Greatest Sins

05-13-07 - U.N. complains of brushes with Israeli military The incidents, which took place near Lebanon's waters with Israel, were allegedly in violation of rules of engagement

05-13-07 - Gov't Decides on PR As Anti-Terrorist Weapon "Iran is building a ?Hamastan? in Gaza. What a coincidence? Why just the other day, one of their shills at the UPI, as one example, propounded that very thing.

05-13-07 - Zarelli plans conference on U.S.-Israeli relations Republican state Sen. Joe Zarelli of Ridgefield found something more controversial than sex education. Mideast politics......Zarelli, who visited Israel in early January, said he has two goals for the conference: Promote ties with Israel and "enlighten" attendees about the countries' mutual security interests

05-13-07 - It is not only God that will be Blair's judge over Iraq Blair failed to understand that America's really special relationship is with Israel, not Britain. Every time that George Bush had to choose between Blair and Ariel Sharon, he chose the latter. Blair's special relationship with Bush was a one-way street: Blair made all the concessions and got nothing tangible in return......Iraq was a non-issue; it did not pose a threat to any of its neighbours, and certainly not to America or Britain. The real issue was Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories and America's support for Israel in its savage colonial war against the Palestinian people.


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