The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, May 07, 2007

News for 05-06-07

05-06-07 - US combat troops' attitudes to Iraqis hardening: survey The study by an army mental health advisory team has found continuing problems with morale and that acute mental health issues are more prevalent among troops with lengthening tours or those on their second and third deployment to Iraq

05-06-07 - U.S. Navy replaces Persian Gulf carriers ** The USS Nimitz and the ships in its strike group were expected within two days to replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, said Navy Cmdr. Kevin Aandahl of the Bahrain-based U.S. 5th Fleet. The San Diego, Calif.-based Nimitz will join aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, now on patrol in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

05-06-07 - US-Iran diplomatic dance ends with ice cream chat

05-06-07 - Iran FM attacks US policy in Iraq Mr Mottaki also called for the immediate release of five Iranians detained in northern Iraq by US troops in January

05-06-07 - Iran's nuclear negotiator 'spied'

05-06-07 - Tenet's Failures

05-06-07 - Cheney Mideast trip to build on Iraq conference ** "He's really more going to focus on regional security, with Iraq being the centerpiece, and focus on the challenges posed by Iran," said US National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. Cheney is looking to get support for action on Iran. This is why the recent 'timeline' was drawn up which detailed some measures to be taken by both Israel and the Palestinians. Cheney will soon be seen whispering in (SA)King Abdullah's ear: "Can we attack Iran now, can we huh, huh? Will you help us? Did we do enough for I-P peace???!!" Same sh#t, different year, and different ME country to attack. Bush and co. sit on their ass for YEARS on Israel-Palestinian peace. The ONLY time they DO something is when the neocons want Arab support for another attack on a Middle Eastern nation. Or so it would seem.

05-06-07 - And Then There Was Woolsey?

05-06-07 - 'Realists' Gain Bush's Ear, to Cheney's Chagrin Cheney, the leader of the administration's hawks, had publicly condemned Pelosi's visit to Damascus as "bad behavior," while some of his neoconservative allies outside the administration even called for her prosecution under a 200-year-old law that makes it a crime for individual citizens to communicate with hostile foreign governments to influence their behavior

05-06-07 - Gulf projects bonanza for international banks Over $1 trillion of projects planned by Gulf governments flush with cash from the oil boom promise to be a bonanza for international banks, bankers said at an Arab business conference yesterday Oil boom? You mean, the soaking of the American people (gas@$3/gallon)?

05-06-07 - Average-gasoline prices hit all-time high: survey We're being soaked.

05-06-07 - US-Israel disharmony This is not necessarily the last chord: If Israel doesn't immediately take vigorous and smart moves towards both the Administration and Congress alike, we shouldn't be surprised if the US agrees to board the Saudi wagon and accept the "Saudi Peace Initiative" as a basis for an agreement with the Palestinians. The horror.

05-06-07 - Foreign Ministry conducting project to prepare to renew talks with Syria

05-06-07 - Nasrallah: Talks on captured troops progress Nasrallah told Alalam that if published, the information would reveal that the Bush administration made the decision to launch the war against the ?Lebanese resistance? and Hizbullah as part of its plan to rebuild the Middle East in accordance with Israeli and American interests.?

05-06-07 - PROFILE: Nicolas Sarkozy, France's neo-conservative president Like the American neo-conservatives, Sarkozy is also a strong supporter of Israel, which is contrary to previous French policy, including that of Chirac, who was often critical of Jerusalem and often supported Palestinian interests.

05-06-07 - Israeli FM to visit Egypt for peace plan talks: report A senior Israeli diplomatic source told AFP earlier that "Livni is planning to go on an official Cairo visit on Thursday for talks on several bilateral issues, including the Saudi peace initiative." Coincides with Cheney's visit to the region.

05-06-07 - Israel draws battle lines around nuclear monopoly "Say that tomorrow Iran gets nuclear weapons, and issues the following ultimatum on Israel: Withdraw from the (Palestinian) West Bank or we will fire conventional missiles at you. Do we get into that sort of fight?" said one senior Israeli official with knowledge of nuclear affairs. "The potential for extortion and major regional instability is mind-boggling,"
Thus do we arrive at the real heart of the matter with respect to Iran's nuclear program: Israel fears not for its very existence, but rather, Israel fears that it will no longer be able to keep hold of unlawfully occupied and colonized Arab territories. Israel fears that it no longer will be able to call the shots, and thus will no longer be allowed to be the neighborhood bully. God forbid that they have to comply with the law (get out of occupied land). The horror. All of this talk about it being 1938 all over again, with the rise of a new Hitler is Orwellian-speak. It's Orwellian when the accuser is itself practicing some of Hitler's policies and similar views of supremacy.

05-06-07 - Israeli rerouted to Iran Medvediev said the crew refused to allow him to wait aboard the plane, so he was forced to disembark with the other passengers. To his surprise, Iranian officials treated him well despite knowing his nationality That's not going to be useful for the 'Attack Iran!' crowd.

05-06-07 - DFAT asks families to pay for Lebanon evacuation The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has sent letters to thousands of Lebanese Australians asking them to help pay part of the cost of evacuating them from Lebanon last year.


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