The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, May 05, 2007

News for 05-04-07

05-04-07 - Ahmadinejad says Iran's nuclear 'rights' non-negotiable

05-04-07 - Cheney Iraq role reviewed in Britain Hoon said the British side had not comprehended Cheney's influence.

05-04-07 - Iran maintains hard line at UN nuclear conference Soltanieh then said that the United States, the leader in accusing Iran of secretly developing nuclear weapons, was behind the emphasis on compliance.

05-04-07 - U.S. target Iranian-made weapons in Iraq U.S.-led forces raided Baghdad's main Shiite district on Friday and detained 16 alleged militants on suspicion of smuggling a powerful weapon from Iran into Iraq that can pierce armored vehicles, the military said. Here we go.

05-04-07 - Iran accuses US of terrorism in Iraq

05-04-07 - US forces arrest more Iraqis 'smuggling bombs from Iran' Friday's US military news release had near identical phrasing to two previous statements on Sadr City raids on Thursday and on April 27, and fits an emerging US policy of attempting to tie violence in Iraq to Iranian sponsors. Thus will the drums of war beat ever louder.

05-04-07 - Iran: No news yet on missing ex-FBI man

05-04-07 - GAO to look at soldiers' brain injuries The investigative arm of Congress said Friday it will send a team to Fort Carson to examine mental health care for Iraq war veterans after complaints that some soldiers with brain damage have been misdiagnosed.

05-04-07 - Lawmaker works to put hold on VA bonuses The chairman of a House panel wants to stop hefty bonus payments to senior Veterans Affairs officials until they reduce a severe backlog of veterans waiting for disability benefits.

05-04-07 - One in three US combat troops would condone torture: survey

05-04-07 - US talking secretly to terrorists in Iraq: Larijani Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani says the US is engaged in secret talks with terrorists in Iraq and the US ambassador to the country held negotiations with terrorist groups a couple of months ago.

05-04-07 - Reporter: Fall 2007 could see an 'uptick' in US-Iran tensions ** "If by September the 'surge' is deemed to be ineffective, the Bush Administration may seek to blame Iran for its continuing difficulties," Laura Rozen, a top correspondent for the American Prospect and the Washington Monthly, told Harpers' Ken Silverstein.

05-04-07 - Germany proposes IAEA-run uranium enrichment to break Iran nuclear impasse Germany has proposed building a uranium enrichment facility run by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to ensure peaceful use of nuclear energy.

05-04-07 - Hearing shows Israel at crux of U.S. missile defense plan ** The May 3 session also dropped a bombshell: A senior congressman claimed that an Iranian crew was behind the missile attack on an Israeli Navy ship off Lebanon's coast last summer that killed four Israeli seamen.

05-04-07 - Tenet v Perle

05-04-07 - World Bank staff air concern at Wolfowitz controversy More than 700 World Bank staff have signed a letter expressing concern and calling for a resolution of a crisis involving bank President Paul Wolfowitz as a decision over his leadership looms.

05-04-07 - Few Britons Think Iraq War Was Right

05-04-07 - A Question for George Tenet

05-04-07 - Judge in trial of former AIPAC staffers rips prosecution for delays The judge warned that there could be consequences for the prosecution if it did not do as he told them.

05-04-07 - One Day You're Gonna Wake Up I'm ashamed to admit how many Americans are content to sit in a state of complacency and apathy on their collective asses watching the likes of American Idol. For the better part of four years, I've been trying trying to 'ride 'em in'. Not happening.

05-04-07 - Weapons of Mass Deception

05-04-07 - GOP contenders: Nuke threat justifies strike ** "If there is a threat to the existence of the State of Israel, which is by the way I think a potential threat to the existence of the United States, then you have to come to the aid of Israel," Tancredo said. These folks have forgotten which country they were elected to serve. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about defending Israel. Moreover, it's ridiculous to suggest that our existence is threatened because Israel's is. Preposterous.

05-04-07 - Israel's Cluster Bombs There was some interesting interplay during floor debate over the "human shields" issue. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a Democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, supported the measure, but also brought up Israel's use of cluster munitions during the war. To make his point, Mr. Kucinich displayed a fragment of a cluster bomb retrieved from Lebanon. "I wanted to just show Congress this, because what we are talking about, using people as human shields, it's important also for the Israeli government to take responsibilities for their actions as well. I say this as someone who speaks in defense of Israel and the defense of Israel's right to survive."
Way to go, Kucinich.

WHERE: United States Navy Memorial, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

05-04-07 - Rice begs to differ with Pelosi Condoleezza Rice said her meeting with a top Syrian official differed from that of top Democrats because she limited discussion to Iraq and no photographers were present.
Ya, so? What does she want some sort of doggie treat from Cheney or something? Condi, remove your nose from Dick's crack - it doesn't become you.


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