The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, May 13, 2007

News for 05-12-07

05-12-07 - Outsourcing the War This war contracting system has intimately linked corporate profits to an escalation of war and conflict. These companies have no incentive to decrease their footprint in the war zone and every incentive to increase it.

05-12-07 - Iran says it will hold talks with US over Iraq "With the aim of easing the pain of the Iraqi people, supporting the Iraqi Government and strengthening security in Iraq, Iran will talk with the American side in Baghdad," Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

05-12-07 - Retired generals, Iraq veterans launch anti-war ads

05-12-07 - Govs worry about depleted National Guard

05-12-07 - Bahrain preparing for a U.S.-Iran war **

05-12-07 - UN watchdog denies Iran blocked nuke visit

05-12-07 - Billions in Oil Missing in Iraq, U.S. Study Says Between 100,000 and 300,000 barrels a day of Iraq?s declared oil production over the past four years is unaccounted for and could have been siphoned off through corruption or smuggling, according to a draft American government report.

05-12-07 - Cheney arrives on unannounced Saudi Arabia visit ** Cheney wants action on Iran. When he gets off his ass, that's how you know something is up.

05-12-07 - Ron Paul's Goldwater Moment

05-12-07 - The Madness of the War Profiteering in Iraq In my research, I was also shocked to discover the role of contractors in the tragedy of Abu Ghraib. Its images are seared into the minds of people throughout the world, yet few realize the role of CACI and its interrogators.

05-12-07 - Russians Reject U.S. Missile Defence Plan

05-12-07 - Scooter Libby Heads Toward Sentencing, Could Get 18 To 36 Months Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the former top aide to Vice President Cheney who was convicted of obstruction of justice, perjury, and lying to the FBI in March--will be a step closer to learning his fate next week, when the presentencing report for his case is due to be completed.

05-12-07 - Bush orders contingency plans for attack on U.S.**

05-12-07 - World Bank concludes Wolfowitz broke ethics rules: Washington Post

05-12-07 - AIPAC to pay Weissman's legal fees Ellis accepted the defense's claim that the government had pressured AIPAC, something the pro-Israel lobby has always denied; Ellis blasted the pressure as "obnoxious." This pressure actually spared AIPAC from coming under government fire, which was BS in my opinion. Let them roast as well. They do not represent America and they should be forced to register as a foreign agent.

05-12-07 - Non-aligned critique U.S. on Israel nuclear capacity Non-aligned nations said the U.S. relationship with Israel undermines American arguments against nuclear proliferation.

05-12-07 - Debaters debate stifling debate Debaters arguing that the pro-Israel lobby stifles debate won a debate at the Oxford Union. The debate took place in BRITAIN - where debate about Israel is much more open, AND coincidentally, Britain's Israel lobby is not nearly as powerful as America's. When I speak of the powerful Israel lobby, I speak of the one in AMERICA. Not sure how this was ever meant to involve that of Britain. Tis America's Israel lobby that guides our foreign policy to the detriment of all. Having this debate IN ANOTHER COUNTRY defeats the purpose.

05-12-07 - ADL faults Putin on 'Third Reich' allusion Kremlin spokesmen would not clarify Putin's remarks, but Russian analysts said he was referring in part to Bush administration foreign policy. Israel's policies more closely demonstrate those of the Third Reich; lebensraumism, ghettoization, property seizure, supremacy, etc.

05-12-07 - Judge: Government pressured AIPAC

05-12-07 - Rattling the Cage: Bush and his good intentions ** I WANT to give Bush his due. There may have been other presidents who cared as deeply about Israel as he does - I'd put Bill Clinton, at least, in that category - but I don't think any president ever took sides with Israel against the rest of the world like Bush has done......And I only hope that this mutual reinforcement number that Bush and Israel have been playing stops short of a US attack on Iran. A lot of Israelis, maybe most, want Bush to do the job, and I imagine Bush is once again calculating the collateral benefit to Israel. As always, he has our best interests at heart. This notion that America is ordering Israel not to negotiate with Syria is utterly ridiculous. Not only was it denied by our officials(paragraph 3), but the case is almost always the other way around; Israel dictating to us its wants (and getting them).

05-12-07 - IDF probes 'incidents' with UN observers off Lebanon coast On Friday, a German spokesman confirmed a report from the Rheinische Post daily which stated several Israel Air Force fighter jets made an approach towards the German frigate Niedersachsen off the Lebanese coast on Wednesday. The paper added that on April 30 the Niedersachsen had signaled it was "ready for combat" on board when an Israeli speedboat approached the vessel traveling at around 30 knots without initially identifying itself.

05-12-07 - Olmert's not a partner ** Mofaz will have a lot to talk about when he finally arrives in Washington, possibly at the end of the month: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria........Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said this week that Cheney's visit is meant to help the Bush administration understand "how useful several of Washington's closest allies are prepared to be," especially regarding the developing struggle with Iran.


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