The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, May 12, 2007

News for 05-11-07

05-11-07 - ANALYSIS-Cheney, Saudi king to assess Iraq policy and Iran** Cheney said Iran, which he described as a major concern to Sunni Arab states, would top his talks with Arab leaders.

05-11-07 - Iran denies blocking UN inspectors on test visit

05-11-07 - Cheney warns Iran sea lanes must be open ** Vice President Dick Cheney issued a warning to Iran while aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf on Friday, saying the United States would join allies to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons "and dominating the region."

05-11-07 - Radical Iraqi cleric said to be in Iran They have not provided photos or other proof, generally citing the sensitivity of intelligence-gathering in Iraq.

05-11-07 - NPT conference closes with dispute of Iran's nuclear work

05-11-07 - Internet Calls Subject To Phone Tapping Companies that provide Internet phone service have just six days to meet a deadline from the Justice Department. By next Monday, they'll have to make their systems easier to tap. That's right -- make it easier to secretly listen in on your phone calls, or face daily fines of $10,000 dollars.

05-11-07 - Kuwait says stocks up on food in case of war in Gulf ** Iran's neighbour Kuwait said on Wednesday it had prepared emergency food stocks in case a war breaks out in the Gulf amid tension between Washington and Tehran over Tehran's nuclear programme.

05-11-07 - Neo-Cons Driving Iran Divestment Campaign The initiative, which is modeled after the anti-apartheid divestment campaign against South Africa of the 1980s, is also backed by major pro-Israel and Jewish groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and local Jewish Community Relations Councils whose membership is worried that Israel will be threatened by a nuclear-armed Iran.

05-11-07 - Iran 'seeking conflict by proxy in Afghanistan': Britain

05-11-07 - Arrests often overblown, experts say

05-11-07 - Bush allegedly assures Saudis no war exit on his watch

05-11-07 - Iranian cleric threatens Tel Aviv ** An Iranian cleric said his country would fire "tens of thousands" of missiles at Israel in response to an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program.

05-11-07 - This perfect storm will finally destroy the neocon project While Lord Black has never worked for the Bush administration, he was aligned with the neocon elite through the National Interest, the journal he used to publish, and he brought some of its members, such as Richard Perle, on to the board of his companies

05-11-07 - Brown may loosen U.K. ties to Bush Brown has close relations with Paul D. Wolfowitz, the embattled World Bank president and a leading architect of the Iraq war.

05-11-07 - U.S. warns that "world is watching" Wolfowitz saga Exactly. The world IS watching - watching the Bush administration defend another neocon and his corrupt actions.

05-11-07 - Beyond the blame game Vice President Cheney and the neoconservative supporters of the invasion, however, continue to claim there was a link between the Iraqi dictator and the Islamic fundamentalists, who in fact were natural antagonists rather than allies. Polls

05-11-07 - U.N. envoy faults Israel Israel, de Soto said, "selected targets with a careless use of its military might and prosecuted the war in a way that disproportionately harmed Lebanese civilians. It went way too far in this war." ....."The wall creates a cognitive barrier of denial and a release from the need to display empathy to people who live on the other side of it," de Soto said in the interview, which appeared Friday. "If I could, I would take groups of Israeli citizens and show them how the checkpoints destroy the economy and the fabric of Palestinian life, and how the fence divides mother and child, a farmer and his land."

05-11-07 - U.S. Jews Must Protect Wolfowitz US Jews must protect Wolfowitz because the allegations against him are baseless and Germany?s motives in pushing these allegations are suspect......Second, US Jews should make Germany pay for hounding Wolfowitz and helping advance Ahmadiejad?s agenda Another deluded neocon-supporter for you.

05-11-07 - Israel?s Bombing of Civilians Extended War, Olmert Told Panel In Qana, the Israelis said, they were responding to rocket fire. Qana has symbolic importance because Israeli shells killed many civilians there 10 years before in a similar incident. The new deaths created a furor, and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora of Lebanon asked Ms. Rice to cancel her trip to Beirut. The war went on for almost two more weeks.

05-11-07 - Analysis: Iran, Hamas remain wary partners ** The head of the Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, said at a briefing for diplomats and foreign correspondents that Iran is the source for most of Hamas' knowledge about mines, explosives and anti-tank missiles.
Making the case for war, one Israel shill in the MSM at a time.

05-11-07 - USS Liberty vets to mark attack The veterans and their supporters in the anti-Israel community claim the attack, during the 1967 Six-Day War, was deliberate and that Israel never faced consequences because of a U.S. government cover-up. "and their supporters in the anti-Israel community". Oh I see. So, supporting US veterans that were viciously attacked by a FOREIGN nation are automatically branded 'anti-Israel', that it? Try AMERICAN. What American would take the word of said foreign nation over the word of our military (WHO WERE THERE)?

05-11-07 - Arabs don?t want to wipe Israel off map, Siniora says


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