The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, May 06, 2007

News for 05-05-07

05-05-07 - Iran says UN resolutions will not halt nuclear work

05-05-07 - Rice-Muallem talks prove US stuck in Iraq: Syria

05-05-07 - UK and US must admit defeat and leave Iraq, says British general

05-05-07 - Hezbollah says ready for new showdown with Israel "We have new (military) plans. We have completed ... our ground work in preparing our men, as well as our land, so that we would be ready if the Israeli (government) thought one day" of launching another attack, Sheikh Naim Qassim said in excerpts of the interview aired on Saturday.

05-05-07 - Former CIA Chief Tenet accused of lying in memoirs about Pollard and Israel In his book, "The Missing Peace," Ross writes that at the Wye summit, Clinton asked him if freeing Pollard would be important to Israel. "Yes," Ross writes he replied, "because he is considered a soldier for Israel, and there is an ethos in Israel that you never leave a soldier behind in the field." Why don't all of these 'soldiers for Israel' return home (Ross included)? They are a grave threat to the national security of America.


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