The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, May 04, 2007

News for 05-03-07

05-03-07 - Iran can target missile at US, Europe in less than eight years: US ** Iran may have a long range missile capable of striking the United States and Europe in less than eight years, a senior State Department official said Thursday. Making the case for war.

05-03-07 - UN nuclear conference fails to make headway over Iranian objections

05-03-07 - IEA chief says Iran should be allowed nuclear power There is no reason why Iran should not have nuclear energy, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Thursday.

05-03-07 - Potential terror jurors cite 9/11 doubts Some people say they don't necessarily believe the U.S. government's statements about Sept. 11, with many of those people citing the faulty intelligence and misinformation about weapons of mass destruction that led to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the toppling of President Saddam Hussein.

05-03-07 - White House attacks CIA chief's Iraq account

05-03-07 - Historic meeting with Rice ends Syria's diplomatic isolation For their part, US officials insisted the talks dealt exclusively with the vexed issue of transit and sanctuary for foreign fighters and insurgents, and not with Syria's involvement in Lebanon and its suspected hand in the 2005 murder of the former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri. Not by coincidence, US commanders claim that Damascus is indeed doing more to stop the flow of fighters into Iraq. "There has been some movement by the Syrians over the last month," Maj-Gen William Caldwell, the chief US military spokesman in Baghdad, said hours before Ms Rice and Mr Moualem met.

05-03-07 - White House seeks expanded domestic-spying powers

05-03-07 - Fewer fighters entering Iraq from Syria: US military Syria appears to have taken measures to stem the flow of foreign extremist fighters crossing its border into Iraq, the US military's chief spokesman in Baghdad said on Thursday.

05-03-07 - Palestinians refugees despair after year marooned between Iraq and Syria As Al-Tanf heads towards its one year anniversary in June, life in the tented camps is fraught with anguish and daily struggles. In the last few days a pregnant woman attempted and failed to commit suicide, while at the end of April a fire swept across the Al-Tanf camp leaving 28 refugees injured. Several deaths and miscarriages have been reported, and having endured the cold and floods of winter the refugees are now living under dust storms and the heat of the approaching summer...... As the situation worsens, there is no immediate prospect of a solution. The only proposal thus far, an offer by the Palestinian Authority to take in the refugees, was rejected by Israel.

05-03-07 - Mubarak, Abe vow cooperating efforts to end Iran's nuclear crisis The two leaders also dealt with the Middle East issue and other regional topics to focus on how to break the stalled Mideast peace process and alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, as well as the situation in Iraq, according to Egyptian Presidential Spokesman Suleiman Awad.

05-03-07 - In Defense of George Tenet In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, a mighty battle of bureaucratic wills took place within the U.S. government. On one side were the CIA and a good deal of the national security bureaucracy, including the State Department's intelligence bureau, urging caution. On the other side were the sub rosa, ad hoc neocon-run operations, such as the Office of Special Plans, WHIG, and other improvisations that constituted, in effect, what Bob Woodward ? citing Colin Powell ? described as "a separate government." The neocons (and all of their cohorts and that includes in the media) need to be brought to justice for duping the American people into going to war based on dubious intelligence.

05-03-07 - Former World Bank Officials Detail Discord Over Wolfowitz

05-03-07 - House oversight panel may look past Rice, Tenet in inquiry into uranium

05-03-07 - Envoys 'warned of Iraq invasion nightmare' To the best of his memory, the assessments offered by Britain's representatives in the Muslim world were unanimous. "Every ambassador in a Middle East post accurately predicted what a nightmare invading Iraq would be," he said.

05-03-07 - Cheney to Middle East ** The U.S. vice president will discuss "key issues of mutual interest" with leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, the White House said in a statement. Cheney leaves May 8.

05-03-07 - Pro-Israel Group Slams Rice Meeting With Syrian FM "We think this is a serious mistake," Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, said of the U.S.-Syria meeting.

05-03-07 - 'Sim Shalom' at national prayer day The U.S. Army Chorus sang "Sim Shalom," the final prayer of the Amidah, at the National Day of Prayer at the White House. Who was it that was just calling for separation of church and state, mewonders (3rd paragraph)? Where is the protest over this move?

05-03-07 - Pressure on Iran over Argentina blasts Observers in Argentina and the United States point to direct pressure from Bush administration officials for the re-opening of the case and for naming the highest levels of the Iranian Government as being directly responsible for the bombing.

05-03-07 - Israel not seeking confrontation with Syria, ambassador says

05-03-07 - Olmert undone by the militia he said he could destroy


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