The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, April 26, 2007

News for 04-25-07

04-25-07 - EU and Iran to continue nuclear meetings after reporting progress The Iranian and EU nuclear negotiators reported progress in a new effort to resolve the crisis over Tehran's atomic ambitions and said they would meet again in two weeks.

04-25-07 - Iranian athletes invited to USA America has made a dramatic attempt to repair its relations with the Middle East by inviting Iranian athletes to train in the United States.

04-25-07 - We Just Marched In (So We Can Just March Out) by Rep. Ron Paul

04-25-07 - US Senators urge India to cease military co-op with Iran

04-25-07 - Europe Approves More Sanctions Against Iran

04-25-07 - U.S. denies mulling proposals to allow Iran to continue enrichment Earlier, foreign government officials said that the United States, Russia, China and key European powers may for the first time be ready to allow Tehran to keep some of its uranium enrichment program instead of demanding it be completely shelved.

04-25-07 - EU lawmakers call for Wolfowitz to step down The European Parliament on Wednesday called for the resignation of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, adding to the pressure on the head of the poverty-fighting institution to step down.

04-25-07 - Democrats authorize subpoena for Rice A congressional committee took steps Wednesday toward issuing a subpoena for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to testify about discredited assertions about Iraq's prewar nuclear intentions, but her spokesman said she would resist.

04-25-07 - Refugees severely burned in fire on Syrian-Iraqi border Three Palestinian refugees were severely burned and 25 others, mostly children, were treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns in a refugee camp on the Syrian-Iraqi border

04-25-07 - Palestinian refugee and his Iraqi nephew, both killed in Iraq Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday that one Palestinian refugee died in an explosion in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as he was heading with his Iraqi nephew to hospital to receive medication for a chronic disease he suffered from.

04-25-07 - Nader to Speak after Cheney Addresses Students at BYU

04-25-07 - Survey Finds Suspicion of US Pervasive in Islamic World And an average of two out of three respondents named "expand[ing] the geographic borders of Israel" as a third major U.S. policy objective in the region.

04-25-07 - Dodd Vows Support For Israel Dodd got a standing ovation from the 150 people gathered at a downtown meeting of the National Jewish Democratic Council, whose agenda vows to fight for "separation of church and state, a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and reproductive freedom."
if these folks believe in the separation of church and state than their support of Israel is oxymoronic. They want separation of church and state HERE (cake) but for Israel to remain a 'Jewish State' (and eat it too). Hypocrisy.

04-25-07 - U.S. Gov?t Discriminates Against Muslim Immigrants: Study Welcome to Israel! Err, I mean, America!

04-25-07 - Romney favors ambassador to deter nukes "What Jimmy Carter fails to understand is what so many fail to understand: Whether it is Hamas or Hezbollah or al Qaeda, there is an overarching goal among the violent jihadists that transcends borders and boundaries," Romney says. "That goal is to replace all modern Islamic states with a caliphate, to destroy Israel, to cause the collapse of the West and the United States, and to conquer the world."

04-25-07 - In Lebanon, Tempers Rise Over Reconstruction

04-25-07 - Rice to travel to Mideast, Russia next month "She's going to be traveling to Moscow to talk to (Russian) Foreign Minister (Sergei) Lavrov about issues related to Iran and U.S.-Russia relations," McCormack added


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