The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

News for 04-09-07

04-09-07 - Iran to pull out of nuclear treaty 'if further pressure'

04-09-07 - Iran nuclear 'landmark' angers US

04-09-07 - Saudi wants Iran to hand over suspects

04-09-07 - Another step towards a showdown with America ** Even before this latest challenge, relations between Washington and Tehran were more fraught than usual. The US accuses unspecified elements in Iran of providing sophisticated explosive devices to insurgents in Iraq for use against US troops. For the past three months, moreover, it has been holding five Iranians seized in the northern city of Arbil, despite Iranian demands for their release.

04-09-07 - Iran defies UN to join nuclear club

04-09-07 - Tehran criticizes U.N. on held Iranians Iran's foreign minister criticized U.N. Security Council inaction in the case of five Iranians detained by U.S. troops in Iraq, the Iranian state news agency said Monday

04-09-07 - Iran has shares in French nuclear facility

04-09-07 - Wolfowitz accepts responsibility for promotion World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said on Monday he accepted full responsibility for the promotion of a staffer with whom he is romantically involved. But does he accept any responsibility for the Iraq fiasco, is the real question. And when will the American people finally wake up and serve Wolfowitz and his cohorts justice?

04-09-07 - And These Refugees Are Lucky "Since the U.S. government caused all of this, shouldn't they also be responsible for helping us now?"

04-09-07 - Halliburton retreats from Iran

04-09-07 - Rewrite In other words, they use the classic Judy Miller/Michael Gordon technique from the New York Times of passing on Bush Administration propaganda by ensuring that it is prominently placed ? together with the appropriate weasel words referring back to the original, completely unquestioned, government source ? so that there is no technical lying

04-09-07 - Exiled Russians 'refused to answer key questions in Litvinenko probe'

04-09-07 - Captain Ward Boston interviewed by Dr. Hesham Tillawi

04-09-07 - Houston Freeway Protest Against Israel

04-09-07 - Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict visiting Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel

04-09-07 - Paper: Hizbullah says captives being treated 'humanely'

04-09-07 - IMF approves first funding for Lebanon at $77 mln


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