The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 19, 2007

News for 03-18-07

03-18-07 - Russia warns US not to use nuclear issue to change Iran ** Russia's security chief issued a veiled warning to Washington on Sunday not to use the Iranian nuclear issue to try to change Tehran's political course.

03-18-07 - Congress eyes lost billions sent to Iraq Overall, the Defense Contract Audit Agency has found $4.9 billion in overpricing and waste in Iraq contracts since 2003. US auditors have identified another $5.1 billion in expenses charged without documentation.

03-18-07 - EXCLUSIVE: Major New Problems At Walter Reed

03-18-07 - British nuclear plans "serious setback": Iran envoy

03-18-07 - Congress Investigates Walter Reed's 'VIP' Ward

03-18-07 - As an Economic Partner, Iran Builds Its Role in Iraq The economies of Iraq and Iran, the largest Shiite-majority countries in the world, are becoming closely integrated, with Iranian goods flooding Iraqi markets and Iraqi cities looking to Iran for basic services.

03-18-07 - FBI insisted on using questionable methods for getting records: report The US Federal Bureau of Investigation ignored warnings by lawyers and continued using questionable procedures to obtain the telephone records of thousands of Americans as part of its counterterrorism probes, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

03-18-07 - Israel, U.S. test missile defense ** Israel and the U.S. are concerned that Iran could be developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles able to threaten Israel When did it become our job to defend the nation of Israel, I wonder? Soon it will be written into the Constitution. Thanks to these folks, that actually isn't necessary.

03-18-07 - U.S. says new Palestinian government must recognize Israel The United States will not deal with the new Palestinian government unless it agrees to give up violence and fully recognize Israel, President George W. Bush's national security adviser Stephen Hadley said on Sunday. Hadley = neocon.

03-18-07 - IRAQ: Police raids spread panic among Palestinians

03-18-07 - Exclusive: Pearl Family Doubts KSM Confession

03-18-07 - israelis planned kidnapping of soldiers in Lebanon

03-18-07 - Permission to Speak Freely? I received the following disturbing message from Tom Feeley, the editor of Information Clearing House, a widely recognized source of alternative news: Great newsletter. I was wondering why it went missing for a few days there.

03-18-07 - Israel's Last Chance

03-18-07 - Forget Israel, Befriend Russia


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