The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, March 17, 2007

News for 03-16-07

03-16-07 - Iran condemns UN draft sanctions Mr Ahmadinejad vowed to pursue his nation's nuclear future despite the sanctions, at a rally central Iranian town of Khatam.

03-16-07 - Plame: My cover was 'recklessly' abused "If our government cannot even protect my identity, future foreign agents who might consider working with the Central Intelligence Agency and providing needed intelligence would think twice," Plame said in response to a question.

03-16-07 - Valerie Plame Speaks--Finally--About CIA Leak Case Plame was able to tell the committee, "I was a covert officer." She said she helped to "manage and run operations." She noted that prior to the Iraq war she had "raced to discover intelligence" on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. "I also traveled to foreign countries on secret missions," she said under oath, "to find vital intelligence."

03-16-07 - US will expedite Iranian leader's visa, hope he will accept UN demands

03-16-07 - Iranian president: sanctions won't work President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted Friday that new sanctions won't force Iran to give up its right to enrich uranium, and he blasted the U.N. Security Council as an instrument used by "bullying" Western nations against Tehran.

03-16-07 - Report: Iran army loses touch with senior officer based in Iraq A senior source in the Iranian military told the newspaper that it is possible that Shiradi has been arrested by American forces.

03-16-07 - Officials: Mohammed exaggerated claims

03-16-07 - Coroner says 'friendly fire' killing of British soldier was a criminal act The killing of Lance Corporal Matty Hull in an American air strike in Iraq was a "criminal, unlawful act" by pilots who opened fire "with disregard for the rules of engagement", a coroner ruled yesterday.

03-16-07 - Soldier testifies killings were planned A staff sergeant gave soldiers the option of taking part in the shooting of three Iraqi detainees before the killings took place, a soldier testified Wednesday.

03-16-07 - US rejects coroner's findings on 'friendly fire' death

03-16-07 - Analysis: Attacking Iran -- Part 1 **

03-16-07 - Analysis: Attacking Iran -- Part 2 **

03-16-07 - French prime minister says U.S. should pull out of Iraq within one year "It shattered America's image. It undermined the image of the West as a whole. It is time for the United States and Europe to regain together the respect and admiration of other peoples,"

03-16-07 - Syria welcomes latest Hariri probe report Syria on Friday welcomed the latest interim report by the UN commission of inquiry into the 2005 murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, describing it as "professional."

03-16-07 - Senate accepts proposals of 9/11 panel The Senate passed legislation yesterday on a 60-38 vote to implement recommendations of the September 11 commission, despite the threat of a presidential veto over a provision to allow airport screeners to unionize

03-16-07 - UNHCR condemns deadly Iraqi raid on Palestinians in Baghdad The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Friday it was deeply disturbed by a raid conducted by the Iraqi security forces earlier this week in a Palestinian area of Baghdad that left at least one person dead.

03-16-07 - Abbas: Protect Palestinians in Iraq Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appealed to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to intervene to protect the Palestinians in Iraq.

03-16-07 - E-mails show Rove role on prosecutors' future

03-16-07 - Pelosi's Disastrous Misstep on Iran Under pressure from some conservative members of her caucus, and from lobbyists associated with neoconservative groupings that want war with Iran and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC), Pelosi agreed on Monday to strip the Iran provision from the spending bill that has become the House leadership's primary vehicle for challenging the administration's policies in the region.

03-16-07 - Tomgram: The Seymour Hersh Mystery

03-16-07 - Hariri probe 'progress on motive'

03-16-07 - U.S. official: Israeli investors should pump money into Iraq

03-16-07 - AIPAC rejects Pollard motion AIPAC officials spoke against the motion, arguing that involving the organization in efforts on behalf of Pollard, currently serving a life sentence for spying for Israel, would complicate the lobby's mission to promote a close U.S.-Israel relationship.

03-16-07 - Olmert defiant as calls grow for resignation ahead of war report Mr Olmert is in an uncomfortable position. His popularity ratings have sunk, with an Israeli public disillusioned by what is widely perceived as a failed war against Hizbullah last July and by corruption allegations against Mr Olmert and several other scandals involving members of his government.

03-16-07 - Inside America's powerful Israel lobby Many rank-and-file members of AIPAC seemed to be spoiling for military action against Iran -- "We have to do to them what we did to Saddam," one delegate told me........."Our commitment to Israel defines us as a nation," said Republican Norm Coleman of Minnesota, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, adding that the AIPAC lobbyists "help make sure that we don't forget." ........."I don't sit behind my desk and come up with this stuff," Coleman said, stressing that he often consulted AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr for policy advice. Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat from Maryland, said that she, too, often spoke to Kohr and others in the AIPAC leadership. "They're like daily phone calls," she said, as other Democratic and Republican members of Congress onstage nodded in agreement. Read the entire article.

03-16-07 - AIPAC judge calls hearing on secret evidence The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers ordered hearings on whether to keep evidence secret at trial.

03-16-07 - U.S. failed to give Israel all drafts of UN Resolution 1701 The United States usually represents Israel's positions in the Security Council, and did so during the war as well No kidding? Well I never would've guessed that.

03-16-07 - Yes, Barack, But How Much Do You Hate the Palestinians? AIPAC is a right-wing body, even on the Jewish-American political spectrum ? in Israeli terms, its orientation is strongly Likudnik, aligning it with the right-wing fringe in Israel, too. Close to 80% of American Jews, according to surveys see the Iraq war as a mistake. (As opposed to the AIPAC crowd and Israeli government, which continues to support it.)


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