The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 12, 2007

News for 03-11-07

03-11-07 - Halliburton will move HQ to Dubai "The chairman, president and CEO will office from and be based in Dubai to run the company from the UAE.".....Federal investigators last month alleged Halliburton was responsible for $2.7 billion of the $10 billion in contractor waste and overcharging in Iraq.

03-11-07 - U.S., Iran spar over detainees at Baghdad meeting

03-11-07 - Iran frustration mounts over Russia nuclear delays

03-11-07 - Missing Iranian general was Western spy: report The Sunday Times said Ali Reza Asghari, who once commanded the Revolutionary Guards, was recruited by a foreign intelligence officer during an overseas business trip around four years ago.

03-11-07 - Bush presses Iran, Syria on Iraq weapons

03-11-07 - Iran president seeks UN audience

03-11-07 - U.S. military: Censorship was justified Afghan witnesses and gunshot victims said U.S. forces fired on civilians in cars and on foot along at least a six-mile stretch of road from Barikaw following the suicide attack against the Marine convoy. The U.S. military said insurgents also fired on American forces during the attack. One Marine was wounded.

03-11-07 - US to accept at least 7,000 Iraqi refugees: envoy

03-11-07 - Neocons Are Down But Might Not Be Out

03-11-07 - News media falling short in watchdog role, critics say The Libby case especially illustrates that too many elite members of the media are more interested in cultivating Washington power brokers than in maintaining skeptical, independent and arms-length relationships with them, challenging their assertions and holding them to account for their failings.

03-11-07 - Top Gun aircraft are seized from US museums in 'paranoia' raids Federal US agents have seized disabled F14 fighter jets from museums in California because of fears that parts would be sold to Iran.

03-11-07 - Mystery of former Iranian minister deepens ** "Although massive speculation by the foreign media about the fate of Ali-Reza Asgari has a special exaggeration, the latest evaluation more than anything else underscores [the likelihood of] his being kidnapped by Mossad [the Israeli intelligence agency] or the CIA,"

03-11-07 - Baker hopes for new beginning in region

03-11-07 - More Sand In Our Faces Within hours of the verdict that Lewis "Scooter" Libby had "obstructed justice" ? had prevented Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald from finding out whether a crime had been committed in the "outing" of CIA Non-Official Cover operative Valerie Plame and her cover, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, and if so, who had committed it ? the Cheney Cabal and its media sycophants were vehemently attacking Fitzgerald, accusing him of prosecutorial misconduct for even attempting to find that out.

03-11-07 - US missile shield could split Europe, Chirac says

03-11-07 - Arabic speakers monitor Net chats The State Department has hired two native Arabic speakers to monitor Arabic political discussion forums on the Internet and to overtly participate in them in an effort to correct misperceptions about U.S. policy in the Middle East.

03-11-07 - Syria deploying rockets on border, say Israeli sources The report comes two weeks after Israel held war games on the occupied Golan Heights.

03-11-07 - Conrad Black's U.S. trial hinges on executive graft Upon buying newspapers, Black and his former partner David Radler would cut costs and put Black's neoconservative stamp on the publications' editorials. Radler has pleaded guilty and will likely be the prosecution's star witness.

03-11-07 - 'World must act to stop Ahmadinejad' Iran could achieve nuclear weapons capability in one to two years, and the world must act collectively to stop Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "sick boast" that he will wipe out Israel, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, nationally syndicated columnist and policy adviser to US President George W. Bush, told The Jerusalem Post.

03-11-07 - AIPAC Pushes to Eliminate Anti-Iran-War Language from Pelosi Iraq Bill

03-11-07 - Peretz goes to Washington But Ma'ariv reported that unlike his predecessors, Peretz would not be meeting with either the vice president or the secretary of state. The newspaper described the unavailability of Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice as a "show of disrespect" toward Peretz, whose popularity in Israel has plummeted since last year's Lebanon war

03-11-07 - No Syrian troop movements on border, says IDF IDF sources denied Saturday an Associated French Press report that Syrians had moved thousands of troops towards their border with Israel.

03-11-07 - AIPAC forum opens in Washington Delegates will have the opportunity to meet presidential candidates. On Tuesday, delegates will lobby on Capitol Hill for tougher measures in dealing with Iran and the Palestinians.

03-11-07 - Letter: U.S. should convene Mideast conference


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