The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, March 09, 2007

News for 03-08-07

03-08-07 - UN nuclear agency cuts aid to Iran

03-08-07 - Iran looks to ease U.S. tensions with Baghdad meet

03-08-07 - Flurry of diplomatic consultations as Iran sanctions talks falter

03-08-07 - House to push ban on F-14 parts sale

03-08-07 - Syrian officials meet Iranian vice president on regional issues

03-08-07 - Webb Introduces Bill Barring Funding For Military Action Against Iran ** A Democratic senator on Monday introduced legislation that in some cases would deny funding for the Bush administration to take military action against Iran without first getting congressional approval.

03-08-07 - Leveraging the Surge ** Skeptics believe the administration's recent decision to "surge" U.S. military strength in Iraq by at least 22,000 troops is related more to a strategy of increased pressure on Iran than to stabilizing the situation in Baghdad. The surge decision could be seen as putting the U.S. military in a better position to respond to Shiite attacks on U.S troops in retaliation to a possible U.S. strike against Iran.

03-08-07 - For Cheney, Political Toll May Follow Libby Verdict On a personal level, friends of the vice president say the trial has been deeply painful for him. Mr. Libby and Mr. Cheney were all but inseparable - Ms. Matalin has called the former aide "Cheney's Cheney" - and often started their days by riding to work together. Mr. Libby accompanied the vice president almost everywhere he went, and Mr. Cheney made clear his high professional and personal regard for his aide, even playing host to a book party for him in 2002 at his official residence.

03-08-07 - Clueless in Gaza by Philip Giraldi Karen Hughes and the collapse of American public diplomacy

03-08-07 - Valerie Plame to testify before Congress Also invited to testify March 16 before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is Patrick Fitzgerald, who this week won conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby of obstruction and perjury in the case, said Chairman Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif.

03-08-07 - UN agency debates Israel's nuclear programme Iran and Arab states complain that it is unfair to scrutinize Tehran for allegedly developing nuclear weapons when Israel has them and is not under IAEA monitoring, as it has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

03-08-07 - Syria, Iran unveil car on Baath birthday

03-08-07 - Cheney Exit, Rice Entry Could Alter 2008 Race

03-08-07 - A Corrupt Endeavor The Cheney coup d'etat that made the invasion of Iraq possible is, finally, overthrown: that's the larger significance of this verdict, and, as such, it is a cause for celebration. But let's not rest on Fitzgerald's laurels: it is time, now, for Congress to follow up the plentiful leads provided by the prosecution in this case and expose the neocons' corrupt endeavor to the light of day....NOTES IN THE MARGIN I'm pleased to announce that Philip Giraldi is our newest columnist, and you can check out the first installment here Excellent. When Giraldi speaks, I listen too. Giraldi's Aug. '05 Deep Background column comprised the message forum 'post heard around the (cyber)world', one of them anyway.

03-08-07 - Libby set to win pardon and escape jail term A White House official said last night that there was a "strong expectation" that President George W Bush would pardon Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the disgraced aide.

03-08-07 - Martyr of the War Party by Patrick J. Buchanan That larger issue is this: Were we misled, were we deceived by our government, as the White House made the case for invading and occupying Iraq? Did neoconservatives at the Pentagon cherry-pick the intelligence, stovepipe it to the vice president's office and Libby, and then feed it to sympathizers and collaborators in the media to stampede our country into a war against a nation that, no matter how odious its regime, did not threaten us, did not attack us and did not want war with us?

03-08-07 - How Rice's Posse Struck Back "They've all been tested on the front lines," Rice told TIME. "I tend to like people around me who served in really difficult posts. It's a mark of character. It's a mark of toughness. It's a mark of being able to operate under difficult circumstances and not lose your perspective." Rice just appointed another neocon to the post of State Department Counselor.

03-08-07 - Patrick Fitzgerald Gets Maligned on PBS by One of the "Good Guys" Lowell Bergman, Professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, made four false and misleading claims about the law and about Judith Miller's case.

03-08-07 - Israelis Want US Aid to Come Without 'Political Strings' The results of a new public opinion poll suggest that Israelis will resist further pressure from the Bush administration for Israel to pursue "land-for-peace," notwithstanding the United States' generous backing of the Jewish state......"It should be added that these strings exist, not just for outright aid, but also for the whole gamut of relations with the U.S., including export-import trade relations, access to technology, U.S. tax exemption for charities raising funds for Israeli causes and NGOs, etc."
It's ridiculous the notion that Israel abides by the wishes of the US and not the other way around.

03-08-07 - Defense for Aipac Duo Says Groups Refuse To Testify The defense would like to call several high-profile witnesses, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and senior officials from the State Department, the National Security Council and the Pentagon. The goal would be to prove that the government routinely passed information to Aipac and that the practice was seen by all sides as legitimate

03-08-07 - AIPAC: Isolate Iran, P.A. AIPAC?s draft action agenda for this year includes as priorities the isolation of Iran and the Palestinian Authority.


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