The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, March 18, 2007

News for 03-17-07

03-17-07 - Iran's military warns U.S. against "stupid move" ** Iran's army commander has warned the United States and other Western powers not to make any "stupid move" over Tehran's nuclear work, and suggested they would be surprised by Iran's military response if they attacked.

03-17-07 - Worldwide protests mark 4th anniversary of Iraq war Thousands of US anti-war demonstrators, some carrying yellow and black signs reading "US out of Iraq now!" marched toward the Pentagon.

03-17-07 - Qatar voices Gulf fears of military action against Iran **

03-17-07 - Four years on, war costs Bush at home and abroad "The impact has been devastating," Eichenberg said. "American standing abroad is by all measures at its lowest point in history. This is true in Europe, this is true in other parts of the world. Whether this can be reversed in a new administration, Republican or Democrat, we will have to see."

03-17-07 - US soldier guilty in Iraq killing A US soldier has been found guilty on three charges of negligent homicide in the deaths of three Iraqi detainees.

03-17-07 - The Original American Foreign Policy by Rep. Ron Paul

03-17-07 - Lebanese army boosts security around Palestinian camp, base of militants blamed in bus bombings


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