The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, March 11, 2007

News for 03-10-07

03-10-07 - Democrats set Iraq pull-out plans Democrats in the US Congress have proposed legislation requiring all US troops to leave Iraq by August 2008.

03-10-07 - Iraq plea to help tackle violence Iraq's PM calls for support in ending violence, as world powers including the US, Syria and Iran attend key talks

03-10-07 - Young says he told Army of care lapses

03-10-07 - Iran risks isolation over nuke programme: French FM

03-10-07 - U.S., Iran trade barbed words at Baghdad talks

03-10-07 - Ex-Weapons Boss: Iran War on Way ** "Don't believe the BS that you get out of Washington. Be good citizens; a good citizen thinks for his or herself."

03-10-07 - FBI to look into doctor, daughter poisoning

03-10-07 - How an article in the 'IoS' led to the conviction of Lewis 'Scooter' Libby

03-10-07 - The Scandal at Walter Reed by Rep. Ron Paul

03-10-07 - U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Civilians in Sadr City

03-10-07 - Veterans Face Vast Inequities Over Disability For Mr. Curry, the reservist from Chicago who has fallen behind on his mortgage payments, his previous life as a $60,000-a-year postal worker is a fading memory. "It's just disheartening," he said. "You feel like giving up sometimes."

03-10-07 - Syrian, Iranian defence ministers discuss cooperation

03-10-07 - No news is bad news The news is fast becoming just another commodity. Rising competition from online sources mean cut backs and an increasing ill-informed public

03-10-07 - Church coalition to Rice: repudiate attack Iran claims ** A coalition of U.S. mainstream churches urged Condoleezza Rice to assuage concerns in the Middle East that Israel or the United States is planning to attack Iran.

03-10-07 - Iranian defector huge coup for Americans ** That allegation was denied by a U.S. government official who, in the Post story he Asgari disappeared on his own volition but suggested the Israelis helped him jump ship, according to the Washington Post. Asgari is willingly cooperating, another official told the Post, but would not disclose where he was being questioned or who was interrogating him. But a report in Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz said he was in the United States. Something stinks here.

03-10-07 - Iranians lose access to unlimited cheap fuel Pump prices, frozen for three years at 80 tomans (or 9 cents) a litre, have boosted consumption far beyond the capacity of Iran?s oil refineries and meant that 40 per cent of petrol has had to be imported.

03-10-07 - Non-Profit Takes on Big Media Kevin Martin, the Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, wants to loosen existing ownership limits on newspapers and broadcasters to allow them to own both in most markets. But his efforts have stalled, the result of a surprisingly energetic grass-roots opposition campaign guided by Free Press, a nonprofit with offices in Washington and Northampton, Mass

03-10-07 - A predator becomes more dangerous when wounded ** By an accident of geography, the world's major oil resources are in largely Shia areas of the Middle East: southern Iraq, adjacent regions of Saudi Arabia and Iran, with some of the major reserves of natural gas as well. Washington's worst nightmare would be a loose Shia alliance controlling most of the world's oil and independent of the US. Chomsky, while he makes an interesting point here, always wants to keep your attention away from the Israeli factor, seems.

03-10-07 - Hizbullah: Olmert confirmed what we knew

03-10-07 - The Israeli "art student" mystery Reports of the mysterious Israelis with an inexplicable interest in peddling art to G-men came in from more than 40 U.S. cities and continued throughout the first six months of 2001. Agents of the DEA, ATF, Air Force, Secret Service, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service documented some 130 separate incidents of "art student" encounters. Some of the Israelis were observed diagramming the inside of federal buildings. Some were found carrying photographs they had taken of federal agents. One was discovered with a computer printout in his luggage that referred to "DEA groups." That was Israel's way of telling us "we own you".

03-10-07 - What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks? What is perhaps most damning is that the Israelis' celebration on the New Jersey waterfront occurred in the first sixteen minutes after the initial crash, when no one was aware this was a terrorist attack. In other words, from the time the first plane hit the north tower, at 8:46 a.m., to the time the second plane hit the south tower, at 9:02 a.m., the overwhelming assumption of news outlets and government officials was that the plane's impact was simply a terrible accident. It was only after the second plane hit that suspicions were aroused. Yet if the men were cheering for political reasons, as they reportedly told the FBI, they obviously believed they were witnessing a terrorist act, and not an accident. It has been my belief since I came across the story of that particular incident, that these guys knew what was going on, and that's why they were seen cheering after the first plane went into the WTC. These 2 articles by Ketcham should clue you in to the unprecedented influence that the Israeli lobby wields over our government and also in the mainstream media.

03-10-07 - The Kuala Lumpur Deceit

03-10-07 - Placing Libby Above The Law

03-10-07 - Larger CIA and DoD Privatization Scandal Emerging from Walter Reed Story, US Attorneys Firing Let's recap: a corrupt Israeli PM - has a stake in a corrupt Israeli bank- owned by a corrupt Wall Street global hedge fund - which owns a corrupt US defense contractor - which contributes to corrupt GOP Congressmen - who also receive money from another corrupt defense contractor - that defense contractor produced faulty intel under contract to a corrupt CIA Assn't Director - that faulty intel was used to justify a corrupt US Administration's case for invading Iraq - that was planned and executed by corrupt neocons inside DoD who had written a proposal years earlier to wage wars to privatize the Israeli economy. Nice investigative work!

03-10-07 - Under fire, Israel lobby rallies US backers By Tony Czuczka Two US political scientists sparked a furious debate last spring
with an essay that portrayed Washington as slavishly devoted to
Israel And ironically, the forthcoming AIPAC conference, among other things, will prove just that.

03-10-07 - Israel can face Iran nuclear threat alone: Lieberman Israel considers Iran's nuclear programme to be an "existential threat" after its hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeatedly called for the Jewish state to be wiped off the map Did he really?

03-10-07 - Syrian-American in 'secret talks' to brief Israel MPs A Syrian-American businessman who is said to have taken part in unofficial peace talks with Israeli counterparts is to appear before a top parliamentary panel next month, an official said Thursday.


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