The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News for 03-05-07

03-05-07 - Minister: Iran will attend talks in Iraq Iran's foreign minister indicated Monday his country would take part in at least part of an international conference on Iraq in Baghdad, which would be the first U.S.-Iranian contact in more than two years.

03-05-07 - Attack on Iran would backfire, warns report ** Advocates of military strikes against Iran - largely confined to hawks in and around the Bush administration and the Israeli government - argue that Tehran has made a strategic decision to develop a nuclear weapon, which it would then readily use against Israel or the US itself, perhaps contracting a terrorist group to smuggle the warhead to its target.

03-05-07 - Wounded Soldiers Detail Poor Living Conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Wounded soldiers told lawmakers on Monday that the Walter Reed Army Medical Center gives troops "less than what they deserve" in care and quality of living conditions to recover from traumatic injuries suffered in the line of duty.

03-05-07 - The Wider War Iran is the keystone of the terrorist edifice. Should there be free elections, no one wearing a turban would be elected to anything, and there is good reason to believe the country is ripe for a pro-Western democratic revolution....Regime change in Iran does not require an invasion, or even the sort of bombing so many are now advocating in order to thwart the mullahs' program to build atomic bombs This from the neocon Michael Ledeen of the AEI.

03-05-07 - Afghan media: U.S. troops deleted images Afghan journalists covering the aftermath of a suicide bomb attack and shooting in eastern Afghanistan Sunday said U.S. troops deleted their photos and video and warned them not to publish or air any images of U.S. troops or a car where three Afghans were shot to death.

03-05-07 - FEATURE: US Navy: aircraft carrier for Afghanistan, not Iran

03-05-07 - Would Israel attack Iran? Depends who you ask "It is becoming increasingly clear that Israel has no viable military option on Iran, and is pinning its hopes on some sort of solution by the Americans," said Alon Ben-David, Israel analyst for Jane's Defence Weekly.

03-05-07 - Contractor could lose $400 million Military contracting giant KBR Inc. could be docked up to $400 million for improperly using private security companies in Iraq, the company disclosed this week.

03-05-07 - Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government Whether or not Mr. Fitzgerald gets a conviction, he has created a trial record that establishes the administration's guilt. Sprinkled throughout are the names of most of the neoconservatives who had been planning the current Iraq War ever since the 1991 Gulf War ended with Saddam Hussein still in power.
Even if Fitzgerald fails to get a conviction, America has still won. If you don't know what I mean, then you haven't been paying attention.

03-05-07 - Assad discusses Mideast affairs with Venezuelan foreign minister

03-05-07 - Tehran in U-turn to back Mid-East peace plan By securing Tehran's apparent backing for the peace plan, which dates from 2002 and envisages a Palestinian state on land occupied in 1967, diplomatic pressure will mount on Israel.

03-05-07 - Libby jury ends day with more questions There was no way to tell from the court discussion Monday how far along the jury has come in weighing its verdicts on the five felony counts against the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

03-05-07 - It's only a wargame! Arabs reject US army bit-part

03-05-07 - Fool Me Thrice?

03-05-07 - Cheney keynoting at AIPAC This will be the second year in a row that the vice president is the keynote speaker at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's benchmark event

03-05-07 - Israel urges international community to shun Iranian leader Israel on Monday called on the international community to shun Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because of his vision of "wiping Israel off the map."

03-05-07 - Israel, U.S. accused in general's disappearance a veteran of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, went missing while on a visit to Istanbul last month

03-05-07 - A Horse of a Different Color For a moment, there, Obama must have gotten confused and thought he was running for prime minister of Israel

03-05-07 - King meets Cheney, Gates King Abdullah also called upon the US Administration to support the Arab Peace initiative and help achieve tangible progress in the peace process in accordance with the two-state solution and international legitimacy.

03-05-07 - Israelis to supply vehicles for Iraq An Israeli state-owned corporation has won a contract to supply the U.S. Marine Corps with state-of the-art armored vehicles for use in Iraq, the latest in a long line of Israeli defense sales for use in the war.

03-05-07 - Israel, Iran top 'negative list' A majority of people believe that Israel and Iran have a mainly negative influence in the world, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests


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