The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News for 03-06-07

03-06-07 - Liar in the White house: Cheney aide found guilty in CIA leak case Score one for the good guys.

03-06-07 - In CIA leak trial, Libby found guilty Tuesday, speaking to reporters after the verdict, Fitzgerald called the investigation finished and said he had no plans to pursue any other officials, unless new facts came to light.

03-06-07 - Libby jurors defend guilty verdict "There were good managerial type people on this jury who took everything apart and put it in the right place," juror Denis Collins said after he and his colleagues convicted I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI. "After that, it wasn't a matter of opinion. It was just there."

03-06-07 - Iran to conduct air defense exercises Iran will conduct air defense exercises Tuesday in preparation for a possible air strike on its uranium ore conversion center at Isfahan, the IRNA news agency said Tuesday.

03-06-07 - Iran starts building home-made atomic plant: agency Iran has started construction of a domestically built nuclear power plant, the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

03-06-07 - IAEA: Iran may have halted nuke program Iran seems to have at least temporarily halted the uranium-enrichment program at the heart of its standoff with the U.N. Security Council, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday.

03-06-07 - Sen. Joe Biden Calls Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'Madman' Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a "madman" and raised the possibility that he could be assassinated by foes within his country.

03-06-07 - Fired U.S. attorney cites threat

03-06-07 - Whistle-blower Had to Fight NSA, LA Times to Tell Story In his first broadcast interview, which can be seen tonight on World News and Nightline, Klein describes how he stumbled across "secret NSA rooms" being installed at an AT&T switching center in San Francisco and later heard of similar rooms in at least six other cities, including Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Jose and Seattle.

03-06-07 - Analysis: Verdict puts focus on Cheney

03-06-07 - Syria denies arms crossing border into Lebanon Syria denied on Tuesday allegations that arms are making their way over the border into Lebanon and warned against any moves to station international troops along the frontier in Lebanon.

03-06-07 - Iran seeks closer naval ties with oil-starved India Iran on Monday urged India to forge closer military ties, especially between their two navies, officials told AFP

03-06-07 - Russia questions missile defense plans "We are discussing this with our American colleagues and we are asking them to answer our questions, the concerns that we have, which are absolutely fair and justified," Lavrov told reporters.

03-06-07 - Will President Bush Pardon Scooter Libby? pardoned by the first Bush president over the same scandal: Elliott Abrams, currently the Middle East expert on the White House National Security Council. Already talk of a pardon.

03-06-07 - How Blair has stood by Niger claim The now notorious Niger claim first surfaced in Britain, where the Blair government circulated the September 2002 dossier warning of the threat from Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

03-06-07 - Can We Expect an Attack on Iran Next? ** An invasion of Iran would at least initially distract attention from the escalating failure of the Iraq occupation. And, unfortunately, even after the Iraq intelligence fiasco, Bush could probably count on the mainstream media to fall in line. The New York Times has already without embarrassment chimed in with new articles about Iranian weapons being used to kill U.S. troops, a piece filled with anonymous quotations.

03-06-07 - Rescinding the Bush Doctrine In 2003, Saddam Hussein posed no immediate threat to the United States; arguing that he might one day do so, the administration depicted the invasion of Iraq as an act of anticipatory self-defense The policy of pre-emption was crafted in Israel and thrust upon us by the neocons.

03-06-07 - Doubts over KGB link to US shooting A former senior KGB officer who met a Russia intelligence expert just hours before his shooting in the US, on Sunday expressed doubt that the incident was related to the case of Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer poisoned last year in London.

03-06-07 - AIPAC meeting a chance to stake ground on Iran, Mideast The agenda for the policy conference reads like a wish list for what the pro-Israel powerhouse expects from the candidates --- and members of the U.S. Congress.

03-06-07 - Olmert calls special cabinet session over Iranian nuclear threat Stuart Levey, U.S. undersecretary of the treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence, who is coordinating the drive for an economic boycott on Iran, visited Jerusalem on Sunday. Levey spoke to Olmert and Livni on the difficulties his initiative is encountering in European states that trade with Iran.
Levey should stay there, and start getting his paycheck from Israel. What's the diff?

03-06-07 - It Doesn't Matter If Hillary Apologizes for Her Iraq War Vote By Scott Ritter

03-06-07 - EU to condemn Iran for not heeding UN nuclear resolution Meanwhile, the IAEA circulated to the board Tuesday a letter Oman had sent last month to IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei on behalf of the Arab League expressing "deep concern and great disquiet" over Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's comments in December that seemed to confirm that Israel has the bomb.

03-06-07 - Iran says West may have seized ex-defense official "A man with nuclear information would be a valuable asset for the CIA and Mossad," said Alon Ben-David, Israel analyst for Jane's Defense Weekly, referring to U.S. and Israeli foreign spy services. "He could be worth kidnapping, despite the risks."

03-06-07 - Arabs protest Israeli nuclear hint Arab nations have protested over Israel's first hint of a nuclear arsenal to the U.N. atomic watchdog, saying this flouts international commitments to a nuclear arms-free zone in the Middle East, diplomats said.

03-06-07 - Israel claims that Hamas is sending fighters to train in Iran Therefore, we must attack Iran, right?

03-06-07 - Iran urges Hamas to keep up Israel resistance Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday urged visiting Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal to keep up resistance against Israel and end political infighting in the Palestinian territories.

03-06-07 - Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story Perhaps now that Libby has gone down for his part in this grotesque crime, some editor will ask the obvious question: Why did the White House and the Office of Vice President go to such extraordinary lengths to attack Wilson and his wife? And more importantly, who was behind those Niger embassy burglaries and the forged uranium ore sale documents? And what was OSP doing meeting in Rome in December 2001 with the head of Italian intelligence?

03-06-07 - All the Endorsement He Needs Rep. Ron Paul receives the ultimate recommendation: David Horowitz?s condemnation.

03-06-07 - Scholar gets silent treatment Pipes' views are considered controversial by some people because he is a strong and vocal critic of Muslim extremism. He told the audience of about 150 on Monday that Palestinians should acknowledge that they have lost their battle against Israel.

03-06-07 - Mofaz addresses Iranians on nukes An Israeli Cabinet minister denounced Iran's nuclear program in a Farsi-language radio address.

03-06-07 - Indict Ahmadinejad, B'nai Brith urges Representatives of B'nai Brith Canada have prepared an indictment against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on charges of incitement to genocide against the Jewish people.

03-06-07 - Israel Project launches Iran campaign The Israel Project is launching a campaign to educate Americans on the dangers of Iran's nuclear program. In a statement the group said the campaign will include mass mailings, television advertisements and a Web page titled the Iran Press Kit. Why Americans? What are they trying to accomplish here?

03-06-07 - Syria agreed to cut off Iran -- negotiator "They understood they cannot get the Golan Heights as long as they are allies of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas," Alon Liel said Tuesday in a conference call organized by the Israel Policy Forum, a U.S. Jewish group.

03-06-07 - Hil & Bam gear up for battle over Jewish vote The leaders for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 plan dueling receptions Monday when an influential pro-Israeli lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, holds its major Washington policy conference.

03-06-07 - Syria seeks to gain from regional tumult The country that the Bush administration says helps terrorists, and which has been treated with barely disguised irritation by fellow Arab states in recent years, is seeking to trade on the impression it can provide at least partial solutions to some of the region's most pressing problems.

03-06-07 - Bill Maher: Better If Cheney Is Dead

03-06-07 - Former Lebanese president calls for int'l actions to end Lebanese crisis

03-06-07 - AIPAC can't stand the Light of Day


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