The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 05, 2007

News for 03-04-07

03-04-07 - Report warns against Iran attack ** Military strikes against Iran could speed Tehran's development of nuclear weapons, according to a UK think tank.

03-04-07 - Iran rejects US talks at Iraq conference Iran on Sunday said it was still considering whether to take part in a conference next month on Iraq's security and had no intention of holding bilateral talks with the United States at the meeting.

03-04-07 - Who Will Stop The Next War? by Patrick J. Buchanan **

03-04-07 - Strike on Iran would destabilize region: France **

03-04-07 - How Far is Iran from the Bomb? ** Both Sen. Levin and ranking member John Warner (R, VA) picked up on this, to the dismay of Sen. Graham, who sounded as if he had just come from a briefing by the Israeli extreme right who, with Cheney, are pushing hard for a U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Graham said he thought economic sanctions might work but that, in any case, they were "the only thing left short of military action."

03-04-07 - Sen. Carl Levin Calls for Hitting Syria

03-04-07 - RJC launches anti-Reform Iraq resolution The Republican Jewish Coalition launched an effort opposing the Reform movement's call for withdrawal from Iraq.

03-04-07 - Israeli, U.S. officials to meet In addition to Livni, Levey will meet with senior officials in the Mossad secret service agency, the National Security Council and the Atomic Energy Commission, Haaretz and Israel Radio said....Levey will detail for the Israelis the U.S. efforts to get international businesses to stop working with Iran, Haaretz said US foreign policy - crafted in Tel Aviv.

03-04-07 - U.S. appeals court dismisses CIA torture lawsuit

03-04-07 - Iran sanctions, Palestinian government to top EU agenda European Union foreign ministers will meet Monday to take stock of Iran's continued failure to halt uranium enrichment and how close the Palestinians are to forming a long-awaited unity government.

03-04-07 - Hawke lashes Bush on Iraq war Mr Hawke told the dinner that whatever else was done to address terrorism would be in vain unless the Palestinian issue was resolved.

03-04-07 - Gambling with death in south Lebanon fields The United Nations has asked Israel for months -- in vain -- to tell it where the Jewish state's aircraft unleashed their deadly cargoes. "If the Israeli government had provided us with this information it would have greatly helped our work,"

03-04-07 - AL foreign ministers meeting reflects unified Arab stance on regional issues The Middle East resolution called on all states in the Middle East to join the NPT and put their nuclear facilities under the inspection.

03-04-07 - South Lebanon villagers slam French troops, policy

03-04-07 - Israel to complain to U.N. about mines Israel will file a complaint with the United Nations forces in Syria after six mines thrown from Syria were found in the southern Golan Heights, the Israeli army said Sunday. The Golan Heights - another Israeli-OCCUPIED territory.


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